CoinBase’s Easy $31

By Albin | funcrypto | 19 Feb 2021

One of the oldest and most trusted crypto wallets is With them you can store and trade 42 cryptos, including all the major cryptos.

You can also make about $31.00 right after you join.  This is because several coins have a learning center for their coin and they will reward you for watching the short videos about their coin. They ask you to take a short test after the videos, then you are rewarded. The tests are usually only four questions and can be taken over until you get the correct answer.  They are easy.

Here are the rewards you can receive:


NuCypher $3

The Graph $3

Compound $9

Stelar Lumens $10

That is a total of $31 free for taking a little time learning about these coins. After you have these coins in your coinbase wallet you can trade then for Bitcoin or any of the other coins available.  I traded them for Bitcoin and Ethereum and my coinbase wallet is now worth about $43. 

This is much better than crypto mining or faucets. Join from if you would like this easy money.  Thanks.


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