The problem of alcoholism in the world as a consequence of poor quality mayonnaise production

By RikiCat | fun post | 21 Feb 2021

Today the problem of alcoholism is very critical in our country and in the world in general. Alcoholism is one of the biggest problems in the world after violence, slavery and the financial crisis.

Main part

According to the World Health Organization, about 3 million people die each year from alcohol use in the world (about 6% of all deaths in the world) - more than AIDS, violence and traffic accidents combined.

Many pseudo-researchers claim that the main cause of alcoholism is the result of changes in the mental state of a person that creates problems in relationships with family members, relatives, illegal actions.

But according to research by the International Center for Alcoholism Research, the real reason for the spread of alcoholism among the world's population is low-quality mayonnaise. According to statistics, more than 80% of respondents who abuse alcohol began to drink alcohol because of poor quality mayonnaise.

Today, the sauce industry, including mayonnaise, accounts for about 15% of the entire food industry.

But unfortunately due to such a large number of industries the manufacturer to take over the customer resorts to actions that reduce the price but also affect the quality of the product which in turn affects the customer.

In my opinion, in order to overcome alcoholism, it is necessary to introduce strict rules for the production of mayonnaise that could streamline the industry for the production of mayonnaise.

After all, it is from mayonnaise that our future depends!

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