Project Hydro needs your help!
Project Hydro needs your help!

By Mark Anstead | Fun & Games | 5 Dec 2018



Project Hydro has been informed by ABCC exchange that if they receive 300 KYC signups and users deposit 7,000 Hydro tokens to the address ABCC Deposit Address for Hydro, they will not only list Hydro on the exchange, but integrate the Raindrop API to increase security for users on the exchange, as well as integrate Snowflake to help with the management of KYC and onboarding new users on the exchange.  


This is entirely up to the community of Project Hydro to see that this happens!


To give a little background about Hydro:

Hydro is an entire decentralized ecosystem for financial services. It consists of proprietary smart contracts, libraries, APIs, apps, a dApp store, and the HYDRO token. It is free for businesses to implement and free for consumers to use.

Hydro can be instantly connected to existing financial applications, to add the important security and transparency that comes with decentralization, or be an integral part of the next generation of fin-tech apps from the start.

Hydro Links



Raindrop Whitepaper

Implementation Guide:

Hydrogen Documentation:

Snowflake Whitepaper:

Ice Whitepaper (draft):

The Tide, Mist, and Hail whitepapers are still yet to be drafted, but information about them can be found on the Hydrogen Documentation link (excluding Hail- hasn’t gotten updated with that yet) or on this Medium post:

Brief explanation of Hail:

Social Media:






Mark Anstead
Mark Anstead

Head of Business Development/Sales for Project Hydro

Fun & Games
Fun & Games

Lots of fun :)

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