🔥🔥Crypto Idle Miner Earn HORA token

🔥🔥Crypto Idle Miner Earn HORA token

By Airdrop Radar | ¨fresh¨ Airdrop | 13 May 2020

INTRODUCTION: Crypto Idle Miner by Hora Games. The game works like other idle games, where you are required to upgrade certain items, to provide a multiplier to a cash value. Once you reach a certain value, you can “prestige” to start from the beginning with even more multiplication factors. The main goal is to stack as many multipliers as possible in the most efficient way and make the most money (or cryptocurrency) as possible. Crypto Idle Miner has two forms of cryptocurrency, that may become confusing:

  1. Simulation cryptocurrency – that is mined as part of the idle game. This currency is not real and has no value.
  2. Hora tokens (Real cryptocurrency) – that is awarded at the end of a season to the best performers. 

👉download here : Crypto Idle Miner

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⚠️Please note: Crypto Idle Miner is only a game, and the cryptocurrency that you mine in an idle state within the game, is not real and only a simulation.

The real cryptocurrency that you can actually win (HORA tokens) has been created through a smart contract by the developers of the game (Hora Games). Hora Games will keep 10% of the contract and will pay out the remaining 90% to the players. You receive tokens based on your league position, then once a week, you’re able to transfer the cryptocurrency into a compatible wallet. From there you can hold it, exchange it for money, or other cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Idle Miner Game Promo Codes


Another way to earn tokens is to utilise the promo codes on offer. From the “User Profile” screen, you are able to enter promo codes to reward you for your progress.

Here is a list of crypto idle miner promo codes that may or may not work:

  • EG2019 (500 TOKENS)
    Reach Level 5
  • BTCRYPTO (500 Tokens)
    Reach Level 5
  • FH2019 (500 TOKENS)
    Cooling System 1 in Ethash Building
  • MT2019 (500 TOKENS)
    Reach Level 5
    Rig 7 in Ethash Building

How do I withdraw HORA tokens to a Tron wallet?


withdraw your hora token to tronlink

also you can exchange them on poloniex from tronlink app

Once you have downloaded the wallet, you will need to allow the HORA token, which you can do by following instructions issued by Hora Games.

Withdrawals are done manually several times a month.

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HORA Token Information
Name: Hora Token
Symbol: HORA
Network: Tron (TRC20)
Contract address: TNjt5fShPVJ4YpsLuU4THuBbg58g2bZoLk

TronScan link:

Total supply: 100 million, being increased by 100 million each month.
Minting cap: 12 billion
Expected total supply mint time: 10 years 





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¨fresh¨ Airdrop
¨fresh¨ Airdrop

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