Why does it look more like control and less like freedom of money.

By aerokossa | HARRY KOSSA | 3 Dec 2020

This is my first post so I will keep it short , maybe...because I want to understand more. Living in America, things have been quite strange lately just like the rest of the world. I have always known that we were well behind technologically than lots of other countries.

But I had no idea how far behind we were. I also dont understand how crypto will do what it promised to do with all the laws on it being passed. First a Rumor about a Republican bill that would require exchanges to keep track even outside the exchange. But then a bill by democrats that define a stable coin or something like that. I wasnt able to read it all yet but it's more evidence than the Mnuchin Rumor.

All the links to the chinese government with crypto. The seizing of funds. The blocking of ones money if the government feels like it. Speak against China and they cut you off. Can this happen in the west? Of course it can. I just hear the same spiel over and over to the point where I have seen people laugh while saying it because it almost is meaningless. Frictionless. Freedom of middlemen. Low to no fees. Well frictionless is almost a joke depending on the coin you use. There are more middlemen in crypto that using my debit card. And these gas , aka taxes, are far from cheap. And then if you dont pay the high tax you get put to the back of the line? How does this make this equal for all. It's more like for the rich. 

Not all of course. Mainly speaking on ETH. But speaking of for the rich. Digital cards 1 pack of 1 card for 5 USD..Are they out of their minds? I love collecting Wax NFTs and even got into a few ETH ones. But charging as much or even more for digital than a physical? What does this mean for physical items? Are they going to start making less and charge out the wazoo if you want the actual item. Like Zora or Unisocks for instance. 

No. I dont think this will happen. At least not anytime soon. But if left unchecked it could get thos bad where their version of equal for all is completely different than the people's version of equal for all. 

Anywho. Just a late night random thoughts post for a first. I have looked into these things over the months but not everything is looking too convincingly positive for the people. 

Sometimes I wish I could just buy a van in europe and just get lost. But I'll probably never be allowed to leave here now. For other reasons. So please. If you love to help older people who are new to this understand, please enlighten me on how crypto will give freedom to all. The only people I see getting rich off crypto are the connected and the brilliant who create in the space. How will it help the average person attain financial security privacy and a comfortable freedom. But rich but not in poverty and filth. Without government tracking and knowing every single transaction you make. I just hope this all happens in the coming decades and not overnight. A lot of people would .....well it would look like the wall.street crash of the 30s to 40s. 

Lots of what ifs. Infinite possibilities. But only one plan. Yet the plan isnt relevant though the double talk. Anywho. Thoughts ideas. Educate me. And no. I dont support any party. Governments are run by the wealthy. They dont give an Eff about us exceotvthat they needed us to build. Pretty soon. They won't. 

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