Rollercoin- block mined rewards are doubled now!

By Uczniak | EarningCrypto4free | 16 Jul 2020

Rollercoin is a free online game, focused on gaining mining power by playing mini games. Already there are 9 games and developers are planning to add even more.




Playing any game you gain hash power as reward which is added to your account for a limited ammount of time... 1, 3, 7 days (it depends of your virtual computer in your room which can be upgraded by playing more games per day- 10, 30...). Your hash power is correlate with global in-game hash power and block reward in schared beetwen all users depending on your % inside in-game hash accumulated. 




After registration you get your own minning room (shelter), this is a place where you will gather your virtual minning machines, which can be bought at market for your cryptos you already win, its a good way to earn 100%! passive and rise your active hash power.




Min. withdrawal is just 0.0001 btc, 360 doge, 0.004 eth  to direct wallet.


Try it and have fun: Rollercoin

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