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By kingfreebee | freebeecoins | 16 Jul 2023


YOo, crypto bros! You're not ready to make some serious degen plays and score big with NFT farming, or are you ready? Then you gotta check out FREEBEECOIN – the hottest new NFT project on the Wax blockchain that's taking the crypto world by storm.

Here's how it goes down: head over to the FREEBEECOIN website and donate some nectar to score some free NFTs, aka "freebeecoins". These NFTs can be used to cop other NFTs, including the sick honey NFT. But that's only the beginning – by grabbing 2 flame NFTs (at only .38 Wax each) and melting them with the honey NFT, you can farm some sweet Wax cryptocurrency. And with a chance of success at only 1%, this is one degen play that's sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

line goes up

But that's just the start, my fellow crypto bros. With the HODLing feature, you can score even more freebeecoins for free just by holding onto some Bee NFTs. This is degen NFT farming at its finest, and it's perfect for any bro (and gals) who's looking to make some quick gains and take some risks.

And let's be real – that's what it's all about, right? Making those degen plays and scoring big with NFT farming. With FREEBEECOIN, you'll be part of a community of like-minded degens and crypto bros who know how to make some serious moves. This is the place to be if you're all about that degen life and you're ready to take some risks to make some serious gains.

And the best part? The FREEBEECOIN community is growing every day, which means more opportunities to make those degen plays and score big. Whether you're a seasoned crypto bro or just getting started in the game, FREEBEECOIN is the perfect place to be if you're looking to make some serious moves.


So what are you waiting for? It's time to make those degen plays and score big with FREEBEECOIN. Don't miss out on the action – hop on board now and start farming those "freebeecoins" token. This is where the real crypto bros make their moves – are you ready to join the ranks and make some serious gains?


💡developer information

Thanks for checking out the beginnining of a new community for not just degens, but nft collectors and those with akin interest to tech in the crypto communityand the waxfam as a whole. This project incorporates a few business models for holders of the nft that should continue to provide value throughout the life of the project. These features and models will be revealed as the project continues to develop but we here's a snippet for what's in store for the community nft project. 

for affiliate marketers

Affiliate marketers make their money by securing deals for others.  Each game session called a "season" last 45 days and tracks the activity on the FREEBEECOIN website. NFT projects foster a crypto community, and a sense of community and having that community is strong in the crypto community. /smirk In keeping with the tradition #waxfam, the efforts of FREEBEECOIN holders benefits the community as a whole. The site is registered until 2032, as we expect 2030 to be a big year for the world. With that being said, using the old montezation strategies of web 2.0, affiliates can spread awareness by asking potential new members to donate nectar. The best part is, it's 100% free to you and the new member; its just a simple click of a button. What's the reward...FREEBEECOINS.

for deal seekers

Deal seekers are always scouring the internet, searching for the next great deal. Well, if you're a degen deal seeker, look no more! We are working feverishly behind the scenes to get this up and running but we have a thrift shop that will be adding into the mix. The first phase will be the introduction of the thrift shop, then FREEBEECOINS will be used to select weekly a different power-up for new listings that can discount shipping, greatly decrease the price of the item, or make the item $0.01 --- basically free. 

for royalty / commission earners

There's going to be alot of moving parts on the rocket ship to the moon, and it takes alot of work to get there. Although we are not actually taking a trip to the moon, our collectible future plan and only job is to 'MOON' in price. How? For starters, the price of FREEBEECOIN will always be free however, the nft mooning is from the collection of collectibles, that nft is "afrobee". Afrobee is the little bee that you see making cameo appearing across the entire FREEBEECOIN network ecosystem. By having a verifiable digital ownership of an "afrobee" make the holder a certified beekeeper in the FREEBEECOIN ecosystem. Beekeepers earn a daily commission from the royalites earned from their ownership of the FREEBEECOIN.

being a beekeeper

Being a beekeeper is a very rewarding opportunity in the blockchain / cryptocurrency / nft community. It's almost the equivalent of being a blue chip stock, how you say...let's take a mini-deep dive.

  • By owning the nft, you accept the rights to the picture and allow FREEBEECOIN to use it on your behalf for a small rental fee determined by the amount of activity garnished by the FREEBEECOIN website. 
  • Receive lots of FREEBEECOINS to be used in the wax cryptocurrency ecosystem
  • The floor price goes up incrementally until reaching 100,000 sales;
  • At 100,000 sales, the floor price goes parabolic (encourages secondary market sales)
  • More to come soon including digital to phystical purchases, voting for updates to features using FREEBEECOINS, and much more.

See you soon, future nft beekeepers of FREEBEECOIN.



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king of the freebies... enter our ecosystem to get FREEBEECOINS (free) to buy honey that burns into wax cryptocurrency. degens wanted


(degen play) wax nft project FREEBEECOINS , free drops and high value mints! Discover the #waxfam and become apart of the vibrant and quickly growing gaming crypto community. No one is replacing the current gaming industry model, just adding a new segment.

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