PIPEFLARE - Crypto Faucet that Pays but is it worth your time

A crypto faucet that pays you to play - GET PAID TO PLAY! I mean nothing is really free in this world and in this case it's your time.

Pipeflare is a crypto faucet and gaming platform that allows you to earn small amounts of ZEC, DOGE, and FLR. 

Comprising of limited games, the Pipeflare arcade may not have the most exciting games but it's a faucet that pays. If you have free time, I'd suggest giving this medium a try to see whether it's worth it or not. Its greatest advantage is instant payment to the wallet of your choice. 

In order to obtain the aforementioned currencies, all you have to do is register and play. 

A crypto faucet is a reward system primarily meant to gather customers, and through that a means to earn free money and in this particular case free crypto (although the amounts are small, faucets have immense potential if done over a really long time).

Pipeflare is a faucet that is easy to register on, rewards you for games played, and allows claims every 20 hours. There isn't anything to lose here except for your time.

Do I recommend Pipeflare? I honestly don't know. It's a choice based on how much spare time you have.

Yes, a little goes a long way.

Besides, Pipeflare rewards you additionally for -

  • Accessing the faucet through the BRAVE browser
           It provides you the opportunity to multiply your claims (x2) by playing on the BRAVE browser.
  • Daily login gets you more. 
           Imagine that?! All you have to do is take out a few minutes and log on to the portal in order to multiply your earnings. Yes, it's that simple.
  • Linking your social accounts
        The list just doesn't end. If you link your social accounts- Facebook, Twitter, etc. you receive additional earnings. The more accounts you link, the higher the multiplier.
  • Referring others
        Get commission for referring others. Pipeflare has a 4 tier referral system: 50% - 30% - 20% - 10%.

If you have some spare time and you want to give this a shot, please feel free to use my link to sign up https://pipeflare.io/r/9d5x


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