How to Transfer ETH on Mainnet without paying ridiculous gas fee? Or no fee at all

Ethereum Mainnet has become a rich wallet's paradise. For small fish and retail, the transaction costs are insanely high. I would go to the extent to call Mainnet untouchable for those who are dealing with small numbers.



Getting Ethereum on Mainnet also costs a good deal of money and if you are only trying to transfer a few hundred dollars, it becomes very expensive. Imagine transferring ETH worth $100 and paying more than one-third for the gas. I can't really help with ways to save on the high gas charges while transacting on Mainnet, but I do have a way of saving high gas costs. And guess what, it will cost you almost nothing. Interested, read on👇🏿

In order to get started, let's have you pack light. All you need is a Solana Wallet like Phantom with some SOL to pay for transaction, a web3 wallet like Metamask to get your ETH , and you are good to go. (And of course enough funds to buy ETH on SOL)

First, let's get some ETH on Solana. Use any Solana DEX like Raydium or FTX PRO to get ETH on Solana. 



Once you have bought some ETH on Solana, it's time to get it on the magical portal that does the job for you. The App is called FTX (erstwhile Blockfolio). It is available on both Android and iPhone. Feel free to use my referral link to sign up.


Transfer ETH from your Phantom wallet to the FTX address using the Solana network.

Once the funds are on the FTX, transfer these to your Ethereum Mainnet. And guess what? It is free. 

Try it and let me know what you think. Maybe, I can make a video as well to help. I hope you find this helpful and potentially save you the gas fee.




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