Farsite is the new kid in the gaming block. After the success of TLM, only time will tell as to how far this kid traverses in the Metaverse. 

Farsite is making lot of noise in the gaming and blockchain space and rightly so. It is a blockchain-powered game, set in post apocalypse.  Now who doesn't like the sound of that. Imagine a universe of spaceships, planets and far off spaces. Does it remind a little of ''The Guardians of the Galaxy''.

With elements of adventure in a sci-fi setting and an opportunity to own a spaceship, it sounds too good to be true. For those of you who have not been able to own an NFT till now, it is a perfect space to own one. They are airdropping the spaceship in the form of an NFT which is all yours to keep.

Now imagine being lost in the realms of the universe with a vast myriad of options and space. The game is a careful craft of a whole lot of things. From exploration to travel, mining to military. Every item in the game is created or discovered by a player using materials found by the players. You can read more about the game items here - Game Items.

As for the game in itself, there would be a number of ways to play. Just like the real world, you can chose your calling. Whether you want to be a military combatant or an explorer, there are options for everyone. From mining to trading to manufacturing, there are diverse career options. 

So buckle up Captains and if you are up to command your ship, log on to https://farsite.club/u/cryptomyster and complete the tasks to get started. 

You can claim rewards through promotions via facebook, twitter, discord, youtube.


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