BCH/DOGE Telegram Bot That Pays

BCH/DOGE Telegram Bot That Pays

There are a few bots in Telegram that do actually pay out.  I am looking through several and will post them as I reach withdrawal level and confirm they are actually paying out. 


Edit : I have added in the DOGE bot here and there is still a ZEC bot that will hopefully be checked tomorrow and will add here as well.  The bots are basically identical but I am checking each one to confirm.


BCH Click Bot / DOGE Click Bot







This is is a simple bot and has three choices of what you want to do to collect BCH.  There is also a referral system and you gain from your referrals work so keep that in mind.  There is limits to the number of tasks available but there is a built in notification system for each task so you can keep track of new tasks that you want to do (can turn it on once that type of task has no more remaining).





The tasks you you can choose from are


Visiting Sites


This requires you to go to the site and stay there for a short amount of time (in general 10 seconds).  The bot will automatically credit your BCH once you have been on the page long enough.  Some sites do require passing a captcha.



Messaging Bots


This task requires you to connect to a bot through the link, start it and then forward one of the bots messages back to BCH Click bot.  You will be credited as soon as your forwarded message is sent. 



Join Chats


All you have to do for this one is follow the link to the chat, join it, return to BCH Click Bot and confirm the join there.  After that you will be notified of how long you have to stay in the chat to get your reward.



Referral Link


You get a referral link to send to people and are rewarded for it.  It doesn’t matter how many referrals you have, they need to be active because you are paid a portion of their work (15%).  In addition you get a percentage of anything they deposit (0.1%).





You can also add your own ads to the bot.  I haven’t done this myself yet so I don’t know costs or specifics to it.



Withdrawing Your Money

Minimum Withdrawal - 0.0001 BCH / DOGE Minimum - 4.0


Here is a screenshot of my withdrawal from the bot.  It does payout and with some referrals you reach the minimum withdrawal amount fairly quick.  Even doing it yourself doesn’t take too long.



Confirmed Paying Bots In This Line

BCH Click Bot - https://t.me/BCH_clickbot?start=rSmo

LTC Click Bot - https://t.me/Litecoin_click_bot?start=B6rp

DOGE Click Bot - https://t.me/Dogecoin_click_bot?start=0hQm

Zcash Click Bot - https://t.me/Zcash_click_bot?start=rarA



Thank you all for reading and I appreciate any tips given.  Feel free to follow me if your interested in any confirmed payout bots/faucets as I will update them as I find them.


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