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By RenaudV | Free crypto mining | 5 May 2021

The first "Sperax Token Holders Live AMA " took place last Friday. 

The speakers made a great job in explaining what were the foundations of the project and what would be the near outcomes.

Here are essentially the mentioned points:

  • stablecoin USDs whitepaper - USDs, the first crypto-collateralized algorithmic stablecoins will produce passive income to all holders - whitepaper coming soon.
  • synthetic assets’ blueprint - trade, hedge, or leverage real world assets in a decentralized protocol - Sperax Derivatives’ development timeline coming next month.
  • mobile app Sperax Play’s latest version - new features to ensure fairness
  • Trade SPA on Uniswap! - Now, you can freely trade SPA on the most popular DEX in the official Uniswap V2 SPA-ETH pool
  • governance token SPA liquidity update - SPA liquidity mining incentives program is coming!
  • grant series LIFTED -

    Phase I is now finished. Three women-led projects have been funded. Phase II opened on April 10, focusing on stablecoins and the Oasis Protocol Foundation

There will be such a new Live AMA on every month. So, if you do not want to miss the outcomes of this great project, it is now time to join the community. Here it takes place :-) 

If you want to start mining and earning XP (which will convert to SPA at some point in time), please follow this link to get the mobile app Sperax Play and feel free to join my Snowball by using my invitation code: l8kio8. Then click on the spot once a day ...

Hope you enjoyed the post, see you next time

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Free crypto mining
Free crypto mining

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