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Honest opinion on free cryptocurrency

So I have 200$ in crypto without investing anything, all of it earned for free.

So let me review various methods to earn crypto for free

1. Move to earn

Many M2E apps like StepN give free crypto for moving

But there is one problem in all of these apps, you have to buy an nft

In StepN, you have to buy nft sneakers before you can earn any crypto

So obviously, it's an investment and it's not free.



2. PTC ad browsers

Some browsers like cointiply, coinpayu etc. pay you for clicking on ads

However, if you do the math, most of the browsers require months or even years

To reach the minimum withdrawal. Making it very long term investment and it would be terrible if you spent a lot of time and the website is a scam.




3. Faucets

There were great faucets like moon and etherfaucet.

However, most of them are closed down.

Most of the working faucets you can find are tested faucets. 

Which means their tokens don't have any value

And faucets like fire faucet  might look cool, but they are all scams.



4.Tipping bots

Many social media like Twitter, reddit, and discord have tipping bots

They give you free crypto mostly in their own token for performing actions like voting for the bot in discord.

But it will take weeks to get enough crypto to buy a small candy using tipping bots

And many tipping bots don't allow you to withdraw anymore.



5. Crypto currency games

Crypto games are websites or download able games that give you free crypto

Many games like bitcoinmania are fake

And others like coin farm has a minimum withdraw of 2000$ which will take decades to earn.

But there are some gems like rollercoin

Rollercoin is a game where you play minigames and earn hashpower, which allows you to mine 9 different coins.

I have earned 0.06 ethereum after a year of playing this game

Another amazing crypto game is Gods unchanged

Where you use cards to defeat gods and earn their tokens

There are some mobile apps, most of them which are scams.

Only paying mobile cryptogames I've seen are games made by bitcoin aliens.

In my opinion, crypto games are the best way to earn free crypto.

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Free crypto currency earning
Free crypto currency earning

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