Coinpot Btc, ltc, doge, dash, bcash faucet
Coinpot Btc, ltc, doge, dash, bcash faucet

By Ajaxjappie | Free btc faucet | 17 Jan 2020

Earn just a bit of of Btc, ltc, doge, dash, bcash with faucets and store them in a coinpot acount where for every claim you also get coinpot tokens.
The coinpot tokens you can convert for the currency you want.

It's a little free income and if you dont have much to invest then it's a good start to earn free money.

First set up a coinpot acount.

Then link your coinpot wallet to the next 7 faucets and start earning.






Then start earning and withdraw.
I convert them all to 1 currency and then i withdraw.
The coinpot tokens i convert also and together it's a good little income i think.

Feel free to try and happy earnings.

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