Is Ronex *RX* Legit or What? Ronex WebMining Review

Ronex exists 339 days and now they have 3rd Pre-ICO round where they already sold 91 008 484 RX of 100 000 000 RX for just 10 days and there are 34 days left. After this they *will* launched their own Exchange where we can trade RX tokens in December of 2020.

To be clear, I was never researching the whole project to find some mistakes because I was never wanted to invest here, it seems like a scam.

However. There are a few ways to get a brutal amount of RX tokens for free, so I use them to get as many tokens as possible in the case that this becomes real in December.

You can earn free RX on Ronex's WebMining page where you mine RX without any energy consumed. It's way too profitable to be true but, hey, it's free.

I made screenshots to explain to you how much this mining is profitable:


This photo shows balance at 11:50 AM and the next photo will show how much I got for how much time of mining.


So, you can earn 5$ for around 6h of mining. It's 20$ in 24h... Not bad.

But, yes. There are Referral Program where you get 10 RX COIN ~ 6 USD for each user who comes to your referral link.

I wish this will be legit but I feel different. However. If you have some *time* to risk for some easy money, please click <HERE> to visit Ronex's website and get 80 RX coins and 20$ bonus that you can use to buy RX coins.


You can risk your money, too. There are plans for investing:


That's it from me for now, if something changes or update I'll write another article. Remember, this can be a scam and try to earn free coins until they launch their Exchange platform, and then you should invest your money.

Thanks for your priceless attention and have a good life!

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