I got almost 5$ for 2 articles on the with less than 20 views

It's funny, actually. I simply left when they changed the Reward System because I thought it's a bad idea, but I decided to go back a few days ago and see if it work well enough. I was shocked, by the way.

I created a new blog with the username @trader and wrote the first article to let RC's users that I'm new, what I gonna write about, and that stuff. I did not get even 2 likes or 5 views but Random Rewarder tipped me with few cents. After a few moments, he tips me again, again and again. It's like a jackpot for us who need 200 views and almost that many tips to get some cryptos. I mean, every tip from the Random Rewarder was greater than my average earnings from P0x posts.

These 2 articles are not even good, I wrote them quickly and unprofessional, but still, I got 5 bucks.


However, it's so interesting to try and if you are a P0x publisher, you should be RC's too.

If you are interested, just go HERE ~ make a blog and write about anything, just write a little bit longer content.

Thanks for your priceless attention and have a good life!

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