Crypto Memes Time | I'm crying, by the way!

By Googler | Random Blockchain Content | 30 Nov 2020

Hey, humans... I'm not really taking some time to write something to you like myself, you know. I have this reporting type of content and every article is pretty the same, just different topics. And sorry for that, I'll try to communicate more with you in the future.

However, I got the idea to search for some memes about crypto and blockchain to make this article because I never have a chance to see some of them. I follow only useful and educational content makers and it's time to take a break and smile for a change. Just to know, I died when I saw all these memes. I was happy because when something gets on that level that humans start to making fun of it, it gonna become global, worldwide shit that everyone follows.

So, let's see what I found...

The first one is about investing in Bitcoin, of course. I found it on gb4liberty's 3 years old blog post @ Steemit platform but I don't know did he created it.


A few memes that I found are in cryptofinally's blog post also @ Steemit and they are brutally funny.

First of them is this piece of art:


I can't believe and I could watch this 10 years without any break, but let's see what I found next:

This one can be trending for these days...


OK, let's go on... Do you remember this scene?


Fuck, man... Just go on the next one and I found it on Pinterest.


Yey, it's so true... However, let's find something else:

Founded on


OK, I'm done...

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Thanks for your priceless attention and have a good life!

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Random Blockchain Content
Random Blockchain Content

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