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Hi, there.

It's LBRY, of course. The site where we have can get much more than 2$ in LBC tokens doing many things, but, I'll talk about the quickest and easiest task on LBRY: The "Daily Watch Reward".

DWR or Daily Watch Reward on LBRY.TV gives us the opportunity to get from 0.5 to 50 LBC tokens (from 0.0034$ up to 2$) every 24h for watching just one video, not even full, we need just to open a random video and we'll get a notification that we got free LBC.

The reward can be 0.5 LBC that is worthless but the reward can be any other amount up to 50 LBC in second.

I already withdraw 53 LBC on my CoinEx and new 36 LBC tokens that I just get for watching one second of one video.

What you can do with LBC tokens is an amazing story that I gonna explain in one of my next articles, so, I suggest you follow me and find out.

Now, let's see how to claim your free crypto every day.

If you are new to this, you just need to make an account on LBRY.TV by entering your primary email address and password. You can sync your YouTube channel if you want.

register form on LBRY.TV

When you confirm your email address you must do some quick steps more and you'll get access to your channel with 20 LBC as a welcome bonus.

The homepage of is similar to YouTube, btw. You can find many useful videos and articles to watch and make as many channels as you want to upload your content.

Homepage of

On the top right corner, you have a shortcut to your wallet, and at the top center, right of the search bar, you have a button for upload, settings, and main option, your account.

Account options on

When you click on the "Rewards" option, you'll see all available offers that you can do to get free LBC tokens and history of claimed tokens.

Rewards on

As you see, there is an amazing amount to get.

In fact, you don't need to click on the "Claim" buttons because you get your reward automatically when you did one of the tasks.

Your LBC tokens from your LBRY account you can withdraw too many wallets but the best way to do is CoinEx, because, there you can exchange your LBC tokens to any other cryptocurrency or token you want.

wallet on coinex

But, in the next articles, I will write about LBRY x CoinEx strategy, so, everything you need to do is claim LBC tokens as many as you can and keep your rewards.

For those who already claim their LBC tokens, please, leave a tip and support me :)

Thank you for your priceless attention and have a good life.

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