Human nature is unpredictable (who is buying bitcoin five times its price ?)

By fredthefred | fredthefred | 18 Mar 2021

Today, march the 17th 2021, bitcoin is at 47500 € on Kraken exchange.

Today, march the 17th 2021, the french state sold confiscated bitcoins through public auction. And guess what ! Someone bought 0,11 bitcoins for 26800 € ! I need to know this guy. I have loads of bitcoins and shitcoins to sell to him !


I can’t believe it. Why is someone buying bitcoins at 243 k€ through public auction when he could have bought at 47,5 k€ through an exchange.

Human nature is unpredictable ...

April update : it seems that the reason why this guy bought bitcoins this price is because it is "cool" to have "dirty" bitcoins. Bitcoins that once belonged to thugs, bitcoins that have seen the dark web are "collector" bitcoins. Difficult to understand for me. But, well, why not ?

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