Foxfang and Silver Giant face-off


By Newsome90 | Fox Tales | 31 Aug 2020

As I lay there on the ground looking up at the blue lit sky. I could not help myself but to think that I have been to this place before, but something was different about this place. The blue that lite the sky was the only light around. There was no sun or moon to be found. The wind blew, and I could hear the trees’ branches  rattling and leaves shaking, but I could not sense any forms of life. I could not smell any magic in the air. Smelling magic has been an art the Foxfang have known since the beginning of time. Not all tribe members are born with it, and some sense the smell of magic more than others.

            I picked myself off the ground and looked behind me to see a village of tree dwellings remarkably similar to my tribe, if not the same. As I walked past the trees,  I noticed the placing of the dwellings were the same as my village, but there was no one around. No young cubs running around. No men training in the fields. No women tending to crops. The whole village, not a soul.

            I headed towards where my tree would be in my village. As I approached its massive trunk with a spiral set of stairs that wrapped around it, and up to at the top is where my hut would be. I began to count the steps as I walked up, ; because I built these steps and my hut myself, I’ve walked up and down them since I was young. I ran my hand up, digging my nails into the bark. I always would do this if I were in a hurry. As I got closer to the top, i I started to think to myself, have Have I died and met the Maker?  Or even somewhere in Obrix’s Realm ... …?

            I reached the top; there was exactly 107 steps, same as on my dwelling. Before I entered the hut, I shouted out: “Hello! Where is everyone?”

            No reply came from inside the hut.

            I pushed open the door and walked in. Looking around, and the only thing I could see was blue flames in the fireplace in the corner of the room and two walls full of ancient tomes and maps. This was my hut, but none of my fittings were to be found. The flames were blue, but I could not sense any magic.

            How was that possible? My sense of magic smelling could pick up a wind spell being casted. , but to not smell blue flames in front of my very eyes  led me to believe something I had no control over was going on. Could I be dead? Or had someone drained me of my powers?

            I walked over to the bookshelf to where my favorite book would be. I picked up The Ancient Art of Blade Handling, but when I opened it, the pages were empty. I grabbed the book next to it, and again the pages were bare.

             I grabbed another, and another, and they were all the same. Books with titles but not a word on any page. I walked over to the fireplace and examined the flames. I looked at them for a moment and noticed that they were not giving off any heat. How could this be?


            I heard a noise in the distance and felt the ground shake.


            The noise was getting closer and louder. I ran out the hut and jumped on top to see what was coming my way.


            Trees were crashing and hit the ground. From the top of the hut, I could only see the shine of its armor. The blue light in the sky blinded me as it reflected off its armor. The shiny creature started to run faster towards me. I braced myself for combat, not knowing if it was friend or foe. It came out of the tree line, and I could finally see what it was rumbling the earth beneath me. It was an enormous suit of silver armor,; it wielded a giant two-handed sword that looked like not even 10 men could carry it. It’s boots were long as river boats. It stood almost as tall as all the surrounding trees. The engraving  design on the armor was nothing like I had seen before. It had to have been royal or high-ranking general armor. As I made contact with its eyes, there were no eyes. Just very dim blue flames; the same as the ones in the fireplace.

            We both stood still,  then held its sword in one hand and pointed it at me.

            “You the one they call Zek of the Foxfang?” It spoke in a deep voice that echoed inside the hollow suite of armor. How it knew this information about me, I did not know.

            “I am Zek! Who might you be stranger?” I replied with balled fist and blood boiling.

            “I am the one they call Rozting King of the Silver Giants.”

            I couldn’t believe I was staring in the face of a legendary warrior that was only mentioned in folk tales and bedtime  stories for young ones. I did not believe these stories to be true until now.

            Silver Giants were the armor of once living men, who’s souls have moved on to the afterlife, but their sprit to fight kept the armor alive. Some taller than others. The more a dying man wanted to fight, the taller it would be. That made them grow to such towering heights that most would not even  attempt to cross paths with them nor blades, and here I found myself standing face to face with King Rozling. His armor was magnificent; it looked as if it was forged by the Maker himself.

            “What is it that you want?” I demanded an answer from the towering giant.

            “It is quite simple. I am here for your head.”

            A smile found its way to my face. What are the chances I could  have angered the  King of the Silver Giants? My smile angered Rozling, and he growled and gripped his sword tighter.

            Preparing myself for combat, I took to the Foxfang fighting stance. My fox claws came out, sharp as daggers. My fangs grew longer; the hair on the back of my neck stood up like needles. I let out the Howl for War.

            Foxfang  were mostly half half-fox and half half-human creatures. Some had more fox than human than others. Me personally, there was more fox to me than human. My ears, nose, feet, hand and tail were all fox. The only thing human about me was the skin on my chest, my arms, legs and the hair on my head. , Which I wore in locks. I grew up with a cub who was all human, and the only thing that was fox about him was his feet. We stood up and walked on two feet, but a few of us walked around on all fours. We were often confused with werewolves, but we are not filthy beasts nor damn savages like them.

            I let Rozling make the first move. He charged me and swung his sword swiftly at the tree I was standing on. I jumped back before he could hit me. His mighty swing split tree in half and brought it crashing to the ground. Landing my two feet on the ground, I went for him. Running as fast I could, I lunged at him and started to claw where his heart would be if he had one. I  barely grazed his armor, ; it was as if you tried to dig your nails into a stone. Kicking him in his chest moved him back very little but sent me flying in the other direction. Coming at me for a second swing, this time he swung sideways as if he were going to take off my head. Jumping before he could reach me, I landed on the tip of his blade, and bracing myself for another attack, I jumped off his swords backwards and cast my fox fire. This angered Rozling greatly.

            A burst of magical flames that was shaped like the head of a fox. Aimed for his helm. My fox fire landed, but the flames did not stay lit for long. When the flames cleared, he let out a mighty roar, and the blue flames in his helm grew larger as he stood there. Larger and larger, until they shot out at me. Trapped by flames on both sides, I rolled out of his eyesight and darted into the forest as fast as I could to find a large tree to hide behind to think of my next move. As I stood there panting trying to catch a breather, I could hear him smashing trees and calling out to me.

            “Have you had enough yet, Foxfang? We’ve just started, and I have not yet to begun having fun with you.”

            While trying to catch my breath, I tried to remember my teachings about these legendary creatures, but the only thing that came to mind is how I thought they were not real, and I never paid attention to my grandpa and how to kill them. Hearing the footsteps getting closer, I climbed up the tree I was hiding behind and jumped into the air to hit him with more fox fire. , This time putting more focus into each blast so that I could actually slow him down and do some damage. I landed on the ground and heard him shout: “Is that all you got, Foxfang?”

            As the flames moved away from his body, I could see that his armor wasn’t as shiny anymore. Was I doing harm to him, or was I just throwing more oil on the fire? I pulled out my sword Judgment. This sword was given to me by my father. He gave it that name because of the way he lived his life. Treat every person with respect. Their actions will judge them you don’t need. Never use Judgment on anyone.

            He laughed as I pulled out my sword. Maybe he was expecting me to run, but I did not. Standing my ground, he swung, but I blocked his blow, but my feet dug into the ground. He came in for another

blow. I parried his attack and placed myself behind him. Jumping up, I began to slash his back, and he swung a blind elbow behind his back, and it landed and sent me flying. Before I could pick myself up off the ground, I saw him dropping his big boot towards my face. Blocking it as best I could, this massive step dug me deeper into the ground. As he lifted his foot up, I hit him with another blast of fox fire under his foot.  This sent him flying, and he landed on his back. Taking full advantage of this opportunity, leaping up and thrusting my sword into his heart.  My blade went in point deep. ; not deep enough to do any damage. He punched my mid-section, but the top of his fist hit the tip of my chin,. It was like trying to catch a boulder coming down a mountain.

            Rozling pulled my sword out of his chest and threw it into a tree. He threw it with so much force, it made a hole in the tree and then stuck into a stone. He saw my eyes look towards my sword as I made a dash to try to get it he swung his sword faster than I could grab mine. If he would have landed that one I probably would have been missing a hand. I hit him with more fox fire in his face so that I could try to pull out my sword, but it was in there very snug. As the flames cleared his helm, it lost some more shine, ; it seemed as if I was doing more and more damage to him. I could not tell because he was still hitting me with what had seemed like everything he had. We stood there looking at each other in the face both breathing heavy.

            “Yes. You are the one,” he whispered. What he meant by this, I did not know.

            He threw his sword into the ground, and it shook the earth beneath me. He put his large, clenched hands up as if he wanted to settle this like men. He swung at me;  I dodged and landed two punches.  He swung again and landed this time.  He swung again, this time faster, and the one that followed that one was even faster. Until it came to the point where I was dodging a few of his hits and taking a blow to the face or to the side. How could a creature so big have fists that moved like lighting? Once again, we stood looking at each other out of breath, still wanting to fight, still wanting to put an end to one another. By looking at him, it seemed he could barely lift his fist for another attack. Was this the reason why he dropped his sword?  Was I giving him a run for his coin? Or was he a crazed madman who wanted to take my life with his bare hands?

            Readying myself up for another attack, I puffed up my chest and let out a ear pounding howl. My fists were balled so tight, they broke my skin. The ground beneath me cracked, ; the air was no longer still, and the wind blew under me picking me up in the air.

            Rozling seemed shocked to see me in the air and to see so much power come from me, but while this was happening, he had a smile on his face the whole time. Maybe he knew he was about to die, or maybe he was looking for this fight the whole time. I’d never seen this much power come from me; it was like I found some new energy from within. We charged each other again,. This time, we had matching fights of lighting., hitting one another so hard that it just made us hit each other harder. I stopped his punches by grabbing both of his boulder-like fists, as he tried to get his hands free, I laughed, “Is that all you got?”

            Then delivering him a head-butt that sent him flying in to the trees I stood still. I think I may have dented his helm, but I do believe that hurt me more than it hurt him. Picking himself out of the trees, I could hear him shout.

            “Yes, Foxfang , this is what I’ve been waiting for now your head is mine?”?

            At that moment, Rozling began to glow, a brighter silver than he already was. The flames in his eyes grew bigger and bigger, ; he was getting ready for his last showing of will. He became so shiny that the blue lite sky blinded me; I could barely see him. He came charging at me with both hands grasped together. With both hands together, he jumped in the air and came down with his hammer fist. I was able to dodge this attack, but the hole he left in the ground looked like three hill giants fell from the sky. This landed me right next to my sword, but as I tried to grab for it again, he came down with another hammer fist. So, I darted towards his sword to see if  I could pull it out of the ground. To my surprise, I pulled it out with ease. How was this possible? Was it from the burst of energy I got, or was this sword just all about looks, : big and intimidating, but with no real power to it?

            Without thinking another thought, I swung the sword and sliced off his right arm. This did not stop him from coming at me, ; he still punched me with his left so hard, there was no more breath in me. As I laid there on the ground, the next thing I saw was the arm I just cut off come for me. The hand opened up and wrapped itself around me,; my arms were unable to move, and I could feel its grip getting tighter. Rozling stuck his still-connected hand out, and his sword came to it. The cut off arm had me in the air, and Rozling was walking towards me. As he was walking towards me, he began to speak to me with a  sense of joy in voice.

            “You see here, Foxfang, I told you I would have your head.” He  began to laugh as he continued to approach me. “Your all was just not enough. Foxfang”

            After those words were spoken, the last I saw was Rozling charge at me with his blade in hand, aiming to take my head off as he spoke of this whole time...

            My world went black.


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