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Is it difficult to be profitable in forex trading?

By juanjosezapataa204 | ForexEasyTrader | 17 Jan 2021

Can you live from trading? 

That was the question I asked myself when I started forex trading, and I imagine it is the question that all forex traders ask themselves when they start in this world.

However, for a market that has a daily trading volume of  5 trillion dollar it makes sense to think that money can be made. Otherwise, the market would be unpopular and would have already disappeared. Therefore, you should not wonder if Forex is profitable or how to make money on Forex, but how to trade profitably as a Forex trader.


When I started doing forex I imagined myself like this, with a luxury car and having great wealth, but this was far from reality.

I exploded my first trading account in 1 week and my second account in 3 weeks, my dreams of wealth were dismantled, but at that moment I realized that I realized that I had to "abandon" those dreams of wealth if I wanted to start live trading

and so with my third account I learned the power of small profits , and little by little I started to be a little more profitable

So I can give you these tips so that you too can be a profitable trader:

-Forget about expectations

-Manage risk well

-Choose a trading strategy

-Put aside your emotions

-Set a Stop Loss and a Take Profit

-Keep up with the markets

-Make a trading plan

So by following these tips, you can become a great trader much more easily.


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