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Il Milan in Champions League! / A.C. Milan qualified for the Champions League!

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Il Milan in Champions League!

Fischio finale dopo il 90° e partita terminata! Vittoria per 2-0 contro l’Atalanta all’ultima giornata di campionato. Ma soprattutto, la qualificazione per la prossima Champions League 2021-2022!

Bella partita giocata da parte della squadra, tutti hanno fatto la loro parte. Da tifoso milanista ci credevo alla qualifica. Ce l’abbiamo fatta! Complimenti ragazzi, siete stati grandi!

Ora bisogna programmare la prossima stagione, ci sarà la Champions League e il livello delle squadre sarà altissimo. Spero che vengano risolte diverse questioni in merito ai rinnovi di contratto, specialmente di G. Donnarumma, oltre alle prossime scadenze del 2022 di Kessie e Romagnoli.

Ora godiamoci la pausa calcistica meritata, aspettando l’inizio di programmazione del prossimo campionato che inizierà dopo l’estate.



A.C. Milan qualified for the Champions League!

Final whistle of the referee after 90 minutes of gameplay and the game is over! 2-0 win against Atalanta on the last matchday of the championship. But above all the hype, the qualification for the next Champions League 2021-2022 is done!

Nice game played by the A.C. Milan team, everyone did their personal part for the team winning. As a A.C. Milan fan, I believed in qualifying for the Champions League. We made it! Congratulations guys, you were great!

Now, we need to plan well for next season, there will be the Champions League and the level of the teams playing in the Champions League will be very high. I hope that several issues regarding contract renewals will be resolved soon, especially for G. Donnarumma were the contract ends this season, in addition to the upcoming contract deadlines of 2022 for Kessie and Romagnoli.

Now let's enjoy the well-deserved soccer summer break, waiting for the programming of the next championship which will begin after this summer. Stay tuned!



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