Introducing #Flotevan
Mark Watson, with Harvey, standing in front of the #Flotevan at #FloteFest2021 in Gause, TX

Introducing #Flotevan

By Studio8424 | FloteVan | 20 May 2021

Do you have a business you would like to promote over-the-road while people drive their cars, trucks, vans, or even slingshots? 

You might want to give me a call.

I'm writing the plan for how businesses can promote Flote and themselves while people drive, passively advertising along the way.

This is a great opportunity for drivers who do a fair amount of driving and would rather have someone else cover some expenses.

The first step is to call Studio8424, talk to Mark Watson (hey, that's me!)

We will be wrapping vehicles all over the country and matching them with businesses who want to be wrapped along with Flote.

This presents a more cost effective way to get wrapped and promote your business.

The cost of the wraps is based on the square footage of the wrap on the vehicle, any customizations, and special issues related to the vehicle, as well as the monthly advertising . It also includes removal of the wrap at the end of the term.  It is probably a good idea to wrap allowing for windows to open, for example.

We do not have mileage requirements, but if you tend to garage your vehicle or leave it in your driveway, this opportunity is NOT for you. It is a great opportunity if you live in or near a tourist town and do even local driving in districts with a lot of foot traffic, as well as highway driving out of state. If you tend to go on road trips, camping trips, driving to see relatives, or just driving for the fun of it, we are all about it.

When you stop at local businesses, have the local business owner or manager and employees, stand by the van for a picture! These things get a lot of attention! You will not be incognito. Remember you are driving a billboard on wheels - not a literal billboard- so represent with good driving and don't be in a hurry! Let people see the van, and smile!

Maybe you are the kind of person who likes to hand out promotional items from your vehicle, spend some time at Rod Runs or other community events promoting Flote and other Flotevan related businesses, hey that is great!

Do you like to attend festivals and conferences? There are opportunities there as well.

So far, the first Flotevan has been through at least 8 states on various trips. We are over 4,000 #FloteMiles traveled and climbing. We do everything we can to promote the Flote Crypto Social Media and Free Speech Platform.


Mark R. Watson 

@Studio8424 @Flotevan @markrwatson 


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Did somebody say blockchain?


#Flotevan is my effort to promote Flote and various businesses on the Flote platform using vehicles such as Cars, Trucks, Vans, Tour Buses, and even Slingshots. The first vehicle is the Ford Transit van that we wrapped back in March and is still wrapped today. Advertising and Promoting Flote and other businesses on Flote while traveling passively, or by making special trips to various festivals or even doing location promos and taking pictures with the van is a lot of fun.

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