Comet goldfish are superior to all other fish
Comet goldfish taken from iStock. Credit: Rostislavv

Comet goldfish are superior to all other fish

By Hexzyti | FishMania | 18 May 2021

I will fight you on this

Ready to brawl

You may ask why are Comets the best? Here is my response to those who think Comets aren't the best:


Jokes aside, I really do think Comet goldfish are the best, and I will explain why shortly. Do keep in mind that this is obviously opinion based and should be taken lightly. 

Better genetics

Okay, this may sound a little fishist (speciest? whatever you call being racist to fish), but genetically Comets are way better off. For example, Ryukin goldfish are really chunky and their guts are more compressed. They also have two tails and have a harder time swimming, Comets however are absolute units and can swim easily and quickly. And if you think that Ryukins are fine, then surely the absolute CHAD status of the Comet can be substantiated by the Bubble Eye goldfish. I mean seriously, the Comet is already the best but the Bubble Eye exists solely to show how much better the Comet is in comparison. You really don't think the Comet deserves god status when the Bubble Eye is allowed to exist? The Comet is genetically superiors. 

3ac86e86905beec333ef751df7502051405191fa2d4772805815f69c13c68a58.jpgJust look at these things. 7d8193a4728bc4f1339d6659ae6f52a5c7eda2d1e588579b473a9e43ad38205e.jpg

Aesthetic domination

Comets are the most aesthetic of the goldfish. You can find issues with other fish, Orandas can be seen as ugly because of their head growths, Celestial or Telescope eye goldfish can be seen as gross because of their odd eyes (I personally dislike them, but nowhere near as much as the poor Bubble eye). Fancy goldfish are also much more delicate, so you get the best of both worlds. The Comet is hardy AND looks beautiful. They come in many colour varieties and their long fins are a sight to behold.  

Final thoughts

Comets. Are. The. Best. They are pure perfection, the greatest of all fish. For those who couldn't tell, this post was mostly a joke, all goldfish are beautiful. Except for Bubble eye. Have a good day. 


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