What is the relationship between PYRO and FBIRD?

What is the relationship between PYRO and FBIRD?

By atomio | PYRO 2.0 (formerly FBIRD) | 8 May 2021

So what was PYRO, what happened, and how does Firebird DAO avoid these issues?

Launched on 01.05.2020, PYRO was an ERC-20 token designed with a hyper deflationary life model based on staking functionalities. The core concept revolved around the built in burning function of PYRO tokens upon any transaction that transfers PYRO from one Ethereum address to another while proportionally rewarding those who have staked their tokens. So what happened to PYRO? Problems the token encountered were partially due to COVID-19 early last year affecting the development team. Around November 7, 2020 a major selloff began as the creator suddenly left the project to let the community to decide how to keep the project alive.The only problem with this is that there was no system in place to maintain a solid community which led to a lot of investors to dump their initial investments, leading to a total failure leaving many of the 24,000 holders with a worthless token.

What does Firebird have to do with PYRO?

Firebird Dao has no relation to PYRO. It has no relation to Spydr nor the current admin at PYRO. We formed Firebird DAO out of an idea to further the KIWI community. This airdrop is just a way for the Firebird developers to “give back” to the friends we have met along the journey.

Does Firebird replace PYRO?

The PYRO community have had many attempts to reboot the PYRO project, but none of the attempts led to proper actualization. Considering that the PYRO community is the main recipient of Firebird DAO token, and there is a community-driven initiative to establish a sustainable governance model for Firebird, it may be safe to assume that PYRO project was assimilated into Firebird DAO project, as an open invitation. In this time of high GAS fees on Ethereum Mainnet, it is not feasible to create an ETH token swap at this time.

What can you do with Firebird DAO?

Just like with PYRO, you can participate in staking and additionally, liquidity mining. There is no burn function for Firebird.

Where can I use my Firebird?

https://blocktimeworld.com/ is used for farming and staking on Polygon to reduce the fees for our users. There are several Dapps that have been integrated for the many different pairs available. 50% of the Firebird DAOsupply was moved to L2 Polygon using Matic Bridge. Firebird will be available in other chains, such as Binance Smart Chain, using the bridge approach.

Who is eligible for the Airdrop for PYRO snapshot?

A snapshot of PYRO (ETH) Token balances was taken on March 15, 2021. Total balance of an account is calculated as the sum total of frozen, earned, and free balances. Whitelisted and inactive accounts are being excluded. Eligible PYRO holders will receive 1:10 drop of Firebird DAO tokens, i.e. a holder of 1000 PYRO will receive 100 FBIRD from Firebird DAO. Details on claiming your tokens was released on May 1, 2021.

There is currently discussion of including PYRO TRX holders in a future Airdrop.

Stay tuned here for more details .

I hope I have covered all of your questions. If you have questions about anything that you feel was unanswered here, comment here or in the discord servers.

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PYRO 2.0 (formerly FBIRD)
PYRO 2.0 (formerly FBIRD)

We are excited to announce that we are advancing our mission at KIWI to evolve, and develop Firebird DAO, Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains functioning on both the ETH blockchain, and L2 (ETH Layer 2). Firebird will consume and consolidate

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