Tuesdyas are for Surveys - Weekly Review of Online Paying Websites (ep. 7: YSense for 6$/month)

By AX17 | figurehowtowrite | 21 Nov 2023

Hello, wonderful people of Publish0x,

As usual, the weekly column is here but with a delay, for which I apologize, it has been a hard day today.

So today is a new episode about (not only) Surveys, and other online money-making platforms I tested so far.

The type of websites that pay users for doing some small microtasks, filling polls, playing games, PTC,  social media engagement and so on. Each Tuesday I will post my review of some of online money-making platforms out there - the ones that I tested, that pay (fast), are easy to use and have clear rules and good user experience, as well as good user support overall. Because I have so many on my list, I decided to write a dedicated post each every Tuesday - with all the details and how to use that specific platform. They are not in a particular order.

Today’s post is about Ysense:

here is a screenshot with the available surveys on my account today:


Is not necessary to do them all, I usually fill in when I have time or in the right mood. I keep the Ysense tab open, right next to my other PTC sites and every now and then work on it. 

To sign-up is free - but you need an email account.

You can fill in various tasks and offers here on Ysense, like surveys, daily polls, offerwalls.

It offers platforms to work on and earn a small income for paying small bills or just for coffee - like REVU, Mychips, Hang My Ads, AdGate and Lootably.


A daily poll can earn you 1 cent, at least for my region:


Of all offers, my favourite are surveys. Depending on your demographics and profile you can get a few good surveys, that pay well.

I wrote 6 $ in title/month but that amount actually took me less than 2 hours to make spread throughout a week from the month.

In general, I check surveys and fill in one whenever become available and also when I am in the mood - because you need to be careful and honest with your answers to avoid disqualification.

The payment is directly visible on your account, in $ ammounts and there are various withrawal methods with their respective threshold. For example to withdraw on paypal you have to have reached a minimum of 10$ in your wallet.


The site also has a forum and excellent communication, support if you need just ask.

I especially like its interface, it gives a clean and calm workspace. Many of the affiliates are also found on other such PTC site but Ysense stands out in its simplicity and functionality I believe. It load well, never had troubles with long waiting or reloads, time out like on other similar platforms.

So, if you can give it a try, I recommend it but do not expect huge income and not even steady, constant. But, you can for sure make #beermoney or #coffeemoeny here if you put in a minimum of effort.



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See you next time!

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