Tuesdyas are for Surveys - Weekly Review of Online Paying Websites (ep. 5: TimeWall for 1$/day)

By AX17 | figurehowtowrite | 7 Nov 2023

Hello everyone, as usual today is a new episode about (not only) Surveys and other online money-making platforms I tested so far. The type of websites that pay users for doing some small microtasks, filling polls, playing games, PTC,  social media engagement and so on. Each Tuesday I will post my review of some of online money-making platforms out there - the ones that I tested, that pay (fast), are easy to use and have clear rules and good user experience, as well as good user support overall. Because I have so many on my list, I decided to write a dedicated post each every Tuesday - with all the details and how to use that specific platform. They are not in a particular order.

Today’s post is about TimeWall. 

You will not find many things written out there about it because it does not have a referral system and so no one is really interested to promote it or present it to you.

I mentioned it before in one my Tuesdays are for Surveys weekly column.

TimeWall is like a workspace that gives users the possibility to earn from microtasks, surveys, PTC, clicks, and more. 

I wrote the 1$ in the title because this is the amount of points I can usually fill in on Timewall / every day with a minimum of effort, but you can maybe earn more, for me the 1000 converted points or 1$ is sufficient as long as I can keep at it daily. Consistency is hard to keep, but I try.

Before continuing you can stop now if you are not willing to do a verification of identity with TimeWall to be able to withdraw your earnings - they also need to make sure they trust their users against fake accounts or frauds, so for me their reasonable verification request is acceptable. Verification of ID means a selfie photo with your real face and your personal FB link page (note I do not use it but still they accepted mine as I used the real account, so do not try with fakes or stuff like that). So you should know that from the start.

How do you find it?

You will access TimeWall though an OferWall or other PTC website like for ex. ZoomBucks:

GO to your ZoomBucks page, login or sign-up and from there --> to Offers and click on the Offer called TimeWall:


NEXT - you are sent to TimeWall - where you sign-up and see your Website Profile for ZoomBucks- LOGIN there:


NEXT - you can start doing tasks here on TIMEWALL space and all the earned points form the Timewall tasks, clicks, surveys etc. are converted to 

Zoombucks points at the given conversion rate (ex. per every 1000 TimeWall points - you get 70 ZoomBucks points). Bellow is an example of the withdrawal page from TimeWall - the Total currency withdrawn so far by me on Zoombucks was 18,123 Zoombucks points - those are 18,23 $


But there are more affiliated to Timewall like GcLoot, Grindbux, Grabpoints to name just a few. Is up to you how you prefer, but I recommend to using just one 1-2 website profiles on Timewall - fill in the tasks - withdraw to your website profile and from there withdraw to Paypal or other reward method you prefer.

For example, here is screenshot of my TimWall withdrawals for all website profiles - 20,146 points - that means 20,14 $ withdrawable on Paypal in my case. The minimum withdraw is 100 points.



Other notes: do not make same task multiple times from all website profiles, follow the task rules, read carefully their terms and conditions because rejections or disputes are a way to kick you out of their platform for good. There are many people in the line waiting to do it so no big deal to get a ban. Follow the rules, be respectful and know that nothing is for sure, who know what will be tomorrow - do not take this as your actual constant side income. Is not constant, it happen that work is not all the time, and you get banned for no real reason or who knows what else. So, take it as it is and try to make the most out of it, but do not have high expectations.

If you need more info, I do have a more in-depth video about TimeWall - how to use it, navigation and tips.

Now their chat support is hard to access as is a BOT but if you need help, I am here to guide you and even give you tips how to get the actual human talking to you. Once you get to a real person, they do help, and are really good in support - if you know how to ask, follow their rules and always be polite.

I am usually personally each of my referrals via email communication on sites like TimeBucks - but here is no referral so if you need help, feel free to contact me as you find suitable (email, social media, comments sections...damn I'm everywhere, just write me and will help). 

Is it worth the time? That is up to you to decide, and test for yourself - I am here only to give my experience, feedback and help after testing the platform for a longer period of time.


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See you next time!





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