Little Cloud (very short poem)

Little Cloud (very short poem)

By Thomas J. Benedict | Fiction | 27 Aug 2019

Little Cloud, born to the moon and stars was he,

fell as rain, a renegade, unknowing where to belong.


Earth or sky? He agonized.


The duality splintered Little Cloud's ice-crystal heart ... and mind.


-Thomas J. Benedict





This is a very short poem I wrote on twitter for a fun activity that writers part-take in, called 'very short stories 365' (i.e. #vss356) and (#)BraveWrite.

Essentially, writers are given daily prompts -- one from vss, other from BraveWrite -- and we try to tell a story within Twitter's character limits.




Publish0x is filled with members of the 'Writing Community', though, a branch less focused on fiction. However, I encourage all to try writing 'very short stories'. It's a fun exercise to hone your writing skills -- specifically to practice concise writing: A skill any writer benefits from, including those of the 'Crypto' Writing Community.


I'm currently running a Twitter poll, and it appears a majority of fiction writers (from the sample that responded to my poll) do not have/use Cryptocurrency. Very interesting data. Makes me wonder about the Crypto Community -- is it male-dominated? What are the age ranges? etc.


Food for thought. Hope you enjoyed the poem!




Thank you for reading,


Thomas J. Benedict

(Twitter: TJ_Benedict)

Thomas J. Benedict
Thomas J. Benedict

Fantasy writer, poet and dental student, foodie


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