[EN] Unknown Composer: Romance

[EN] Unknown Composer: Romance



Today I'm sharing with you a piece entitled as "Romance", written by an unknown composer (at least as far as I know), hence anonymous. It's believed to be from the XIX Century, probably from Spain.

This piece is very well-known among guitarists since we play it oftentimes in solo concerts. If we are also teachers, as on my case, we frequently give it to our beginner-intermediate students for learning purposes.

In this video I have the pleasure to play with a nice classical guitar made by the Brazilian luthier Valentim Carlos Gomes, from Ribeirão Preto, State of São Paulo.

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Have a nice week and thanks for reading and watching! :)



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I define myself as an eclectic musician who crafts compositions and arrangements with passion and that plays the Classical Guitar with heart and soul as his main instrument.

Fernando Tona | Musician
Fernando Tona | Musician

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