Photo of man drinking coffee by Ron Lach  from Pexels

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By fenix-aarizon | Fenix Mind Dumps | 11 May 2022

Photo of man drinking coffee by Ron Lach from Pexels

Descriptive words tend to encourage the imagination

Describing the places we come to love; there's too much information.

Find your place

Find it; it's easy. Go to the place; that local outdoor coffee shop. One with birds.

Buy a muffin . Any muffin. Pick at the muffin, break it into little piece and toss them about the ground where the sparrows land. Just wait patiently. They will come. They're always watching, anticipating food to be spread by the humans.

If you want to feed the birds and you see a woman who is physically attractive and would like to find out if she'd be fun to hang with - do not rush into it - ask her if she'd like some of the muffin you bought to feed the birds.

You can usually find out if you'd like hanging out with someone if they're willing to try something new, or if they're so reserved and tense. If you want to grow up reserved and don't want to feed the birds, then don't buy a muffin. Don't walk over to the woman expecting her to want to feed the birds, either.

If you don't want to enjoy life, then stay home and don't do anything new.

Men's Bible study will begin reading Revelation. Apparently men are quite passionate about their beliefs of what is and what is to come.

To approach or to not approach

There are many women - ready, able. Some willing to try being approached. Many are approachable. Many also just want to be friends. Many are taken. Many just want to chat like they would if they brought someone with them, but some just want that special interaction.

You can appreciate someone from a distance, but as soon as you talk with them is when you'll find out the reality of that person.

The reality is that physical attraction accounts for such a limited view of another person. It might be enough to get the conversation started, but most times, once the conversation starts, it should be fairly easy (unless you're desperate) to discern whether you'd like to spend more time with this person.

Let's be friends

I suppose I should also mention that we should all be friends first, before we rush into the assumptions that others are single.

Listen to the signs. The gut feeling. That is more likely to affect your choice when you are face to face; it's virtually impossible to get that sense of someone through the digitization of our communication.

I don't like being here any more but I wanted to finish my thought to where I could become comfortable with going to work; I've written enough to feel that I've written enough, even though the material and subject is basic.

I consider this a job well done.

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