I don't not want to go undecided.

By fenix-aarizon | Fenix Mind Dumps | 27 Feb 2022

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I have an aversion to performing a given task.

I have an aversion to believing my choices are good choices.

I convince myself I'm worthless before even really trying.

When I think of doing something, I tend to put it off.

Waiting for my Father's approval, yet he's dead!
So no, it's not up to him anymore -

I must take back my power to make decisions for myself.

INFP-T (Mediator) - I seem to have the Writer's personality.

Self-help has always been a positive experience
Because I cannot trust that I will make the right choices.

When I consider the worth of knowing how to do something,
I tend to do things that must be done a particular way.
Such as disassembly or reassembly, or playing a game.
When there's too much variance in outcome, I tend to
not be a part of the outcome.

Things I do are usually methodical, but also shouldn't
take more than a couple days to devour.

I have deep, dark thoughts about ████████. ████████. and ████████.


That is all for today. It's been a while.
- Fenix Aarizon

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