Photo above the clouds by Julia Joppien

The blessing of our dreams

By fenix-aarizon | Fenix Dream Journal | 13 May 2022

Photo above the clouds by Julia Joppien

Our individual dream world educates us on how we are feeling in our waking life. Dreams are a blessing and I pray for those who struggle with dreams that they may be able to overcome. I pray they will be able to conquer their nightmares, because dreams are invaluable to a person's ability to recognize what a mind is trying to help itself overcome. Many struggles & fears of life is alot of the content we experience through our dreams if we cannot let things go. It's important to become aware & remember details of dreams. Everything counts.

What memories are like

A memory of the past could be thought-through in a few seconds. I believe this is the reason as to what makes dreams powerful; they're like our memories, yet dreams have the kind of impact that re-experiencing the past has. There's a real & true power in our dreams. I think those who are tormented by their dreams have the most to benefit from experiencing them in a space that the dreamer can feel safe enough to become a part of.

We look back into our memories and see instances of our past that, while experiencing life in the moments we are going through it, we feel they won't end (like a long recovery from an injury or an abusive relationship), the clip of that distant memory occurs over the course of a few seconds.

What dreams are like

Dreams are experiences.

There is too much meaning in the snippets that dreams allow us to experience; our subconscious mind corroborates all the unique human conditions unto our self and the conglomerate byproduct are these weird, fanciful experiences that only occur while we sleep. Dreaming is a powerful tool to utilize when we come to an awareness of things which are afflicting our mind.

I believe dreams are a powerful vehicle that will help deliver us to the spirit of God. I think I have yet to even begin experiencing God the way most other people who experience life as some kind of highly spiritualized, high-frequency interface with the so-called God; I think they're more in tune with their feelings & emotions. I think those who document their dreams and analyze their meaning are more stable people.

Some people can pass the tests of life but pretend to be more stable than they actually are. I think those types of people who seem outwardly stable are mental. The more stable I felt I could exude myself, even through something I felt strongly about something. For instance, my despair of feeling lost through the mistakes I had made in one of my past lives made me want to appear more stable, because I felt the stirring and the oscillating of my moods & emotions from within my mind. I knew I was unstable; I was not thinking clearly about any of my choices, and still am not, but I am getting to a point where I am legitimately more stable.

I think the same goes for others - the more stable they pretend they are, the more internally they feel they're in despair. The conformist ideal is one where one cannot, for any reason, break character - the conformist is a NPC (Non-Player Character), a robot. One who mimics the others because they are just trying to get along with others who might cross their path and see that they're pretending to be someone they're not. The ups & downs when dealing with the guilt of the past has real & dangerous implications to how one might make decisions to cover for how unstable he truly feels.

There's nothing worse, too, than covering up someone's mistakes with more mistakes. Some people make their entire life about being right even though they're wrong. They're wrong to sleep around and they don't care, because they're putting out of their mind how immoral their choices have been. However too, I think the same people feel lost. I think they're trying to play God to their own destiny. I think these people are the most afraid and the most to be feared, because the instability one experiences while trying to cover up sins with more sins makes them unpredictable. And a person's reputation in a community is based alot on how they act in it; being legitimately stable means too that they become predictable.

Being unpredictable in life will not win us any kind of appreciation. If you want to become & remain a hermit, then stay moody and disregard how unpredictable that moodiness makes you appear to others.

How we ascend to the God plane

We travel between planes with the Ultimate being above us and the one we came from, (the one of our birth into the world) below us. Perhaps there are many layers that we must ascend through, rather than arrive to.

I think it is not a destination. Rather, we are moving through spiritual space in terms of when. It can be illustrated to us by the way that we interpret the layers of Geographic Information Systems. Each layer is one that we are passing through, not to arrive on one, not something we are allowed to become a part of, but each one, we may travel through - through time.

Perhaps we travel through terraces as we grow up through childhood, literally playing in mud. We ascend and descend, but we do not stick to a given terrace, we move through it, up or down, depending on the decisions we make. God would be above, while the darkness or devil worship is below.

The layers beneath, closer to bedrock, perhaps, from within the ground, are the layers we came from, from dust & rock. From the point of bedrock, we ascend through terraces of sediment.

Then if we are "saved" from worldly pleasures, we transcend layers in space itself, this is when we become less burdened as we have moved on from the heaviness of soil through terraces and into the spiritual.

Once we are airborne and gain altitude, it is easy for us to look down & around to see from where we came and from where others came. This is because moving through the thick of mud & dirt, through the terraces; all we see are like-mindedness and struggle. Though once airborne, we are able to see all around us, like the others who are being beamed up into space through their willingness to do so. It is not through our nature that we ascend spiritually. Surely it is the opposite.

It is the gravity of our worldly pleasures which prevent us from being spiritually lifted up.

Relating back to the falling boy & struggling girls

I recently dreamt of being high in the sky, watching three children struggle to maintain their place in the sky on a plank & two rocks which were suspended in space above a dream world - so far up that I could not see to where a boy fell.

Perhaps there is meaning to the airborne rock, and the earthly, man-made plank I dreamt of, and of the boy (who I felt was me), falling away from the place we were sitting on a rock. Perhaps there is meaning to feeling like we are still a apart of our past, that we bring earth with us, or that our mind is trying to bring it into the higher planes, yet the gravity of earth somehow still applies when we are trying to bring earth with us. I think this dream was prophetic. I think the meaning was that the three children there were a reflection of people in my own life (the boy being myself, the girl being two women in my life), struggling with worldly experiences, preventing us from ascending to the next - and spiritual plane.

Maybe up there in the sky, the floating rocks abridged by the plank which I was supervising the children to cross, perhaps the meaning is that we are trying to bring our earth with us to the next plane, and yet still - I think it's meaningful if we can allow the old ego to die and fall away, and let us not be worried about this rock and that plank, but let us all just ascend to the God plane which is above us still.

Maybe the reason why we don't have prophetic dreams as much as we desire is because the few that we do have are so meaningful that it would be so difficult to render them in their entirety as one alone, let alone having many - and not being able to sort out their meaning entirely.

Dreams are unique in the way that the symbology in each one is dependent on the dreamer to really flesh out. Dreams are situations in our waking life that only WE are able to discern the connections from.

Energy is merely transformed, it is not created

One fact that I was dreaming is watching as this unfolded which tells me something in my own life; I'm applying my energy inefficiently. I feel it. At work - I'm too bored, so I get myself into trouble because that's the only thing that makes any sense. I feel the need to act out, because I'm moody and want attention. Yet God is the only one whom I should be desiring attention from. To redirect the flow of energy, is meaningful in itself.

The flow of energy: Either I can spend energy to gain the selfish appreciation of others, or I can bring God attention in ways that shows others God's love through me. I can be annoying & selfish like a child or I can stand tall and treat others with respect to their time, as God would treat me when I come to him for help. Imagine - if God made fun of us for asking Him for guidance. How would we feel? That would make us feel like we cannot trust God.


It is through our dreams that we can identify the spiritual & worldly struggles that we must overcome. However, to really appreciate the experience of dreaming, we must reflect on their meaning. We must see our dreams as unique experiences and that some of them are answers to questions we have during our waking life.

Not all dreams will be spiritual & prophetic, but when they occur and we are already practicing interpreting them for our self, then we are more likely to see it for what it is when something is prophetic. It is just like practicing a skill in our life. We cannot expect our self to identify something meaningful when we have not been actively training our self to do such.

Practice makes the thing identifiable

For instance: If we see spots below our car, we may well just assume it's water. But if we change our oil and know where the parts are where oil is stored and where oil moves through to lubricate our motor, then we may realize our car is leaking oil and it's not just water.

In the similar fashion, I'm hoping that by reading about my opinions, perhaps you're more likely to start a dream journal and identify the clues of your own dreams, or even still just begin to develop the sense that you're able to begin recalling your own dreams in general.

It does start with glimpses. Because dreams are experiences which demand our conscious attention, if we have sleep disorders or other problems, those must first be addressed before we can even arrive to the point where we can begin to remember our dreams. It's up to you as an individual to do more research about what makes your own dreams remember-able. It's worth the time to delve into.

Once you're more affiliated with mere dreaming and a dream journal, you'll begin to develop the ability (if you choose) of lucid dreaming. This is when you're able to become consciously aware that you're dreaming and you will experience a dream in the way that you decide.

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