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Emotional fortitude through nonconformism

By fenix-aarizon | From the Ashes | 21 Mar 2022

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Emotional constraints

One of my most sought ideals relates back to emotional stability. Perhaps because this is because I feel strongly about things - when I do. When I feel strongly, it means whichever emotion I feel, I tend to mull over it in my own mind, thinking there's somehow I could potentially find resolve.

At times this process becomes detrimental to my own willingness to overcome; the fact that I tend to isolate myself from community is what gives way for freethink. Can I make up a word? Freethink - like freewrite, but visualized, it would be more like a mind map than a linear progression of words written on a page.

Another group I isolate from are the diametrically opposed to freethink. Some of my close relatives, for example, would advise me to not foment over a bad decision as a means of strengthening my resolve.

Contrary to what others may have us believe, keeping to our self our concerns is not counterintuitive to work on an idea or belief that is causing us distress.

What is self-help, anyway?

I seek to assure others of my comprehension & candor through sharing a subset of beliefs that are concocted from the synapses within my own mind. This is empowering because our individuality is manifest through the work of our own perception; not the perception & work of others.

Nevertheless, reading great works by great writers will substantiate our own resolution, especially if we can cite sources to excerpts within one of the many great works from which timeless & motivational internet memes are made.

Writing entices an improvement through tweaking & revisioning works; surely the greatest writers did not release rough drafts! Great writers released well-organized and thought-out works which they themselves have mulled-over time and again, as I do as well.

Our aim is to grasp entirely, a spectrum of interdependent emotional reflections on the approximation to better establish how we might feel, given contradictory points of view during the same & subsequent brainstorms.

Let's try that again...

Our aim is to grasp a spectrum of disparate ruminations to enhance our intentionality of forming resolve within the self.

Ahh - take a deep breath. Now that only took about 15 minutes, but through self-reflecting, writing, and editing, we are able to flesh-out what we really mean. This takes isolation, reflection, introspection, and much time editing.

The matter at hand is to think for ourselves, not entirely based on the way of the world. Still, we do depend on outside sources for help to train our brain on how to describe what we feel inside.

Inspired by TheMarginalian & Kierkegaard on Conformity

Our ability to cognate without adopting the ways of the crowds (by jumping back into the busyness of the fast life), may greatly enhance our ability to formulate conclusions through cosmically-brief brainstorming.

This self-training also encourages us to rely not on extraneous influence to form understanding, but relies on the power of one's own mind to form actionable substance.

Our ability to make choices should not heavily rely on perspective-taking through crowd-sourcing.

The Diversity of the Minority

There's a strong minority in self-help, but not because they're all exactly the same kind of people; the minority is diverse and isn't necessarily of the same breed, but nevertheless, we take seriously our ability to make choices outside the influence of "what everyone else does."

The commoners adopt secular solutions as a means to conceal, for instance, abnormal sexual proclivity. This also doesn't imply that merely because this thing is now a part of us, that we should entertain dancing on the horse's ass, as others might.

Managing our emotions is the basis to making connections with those who don't think like us. However, it's more important to manage our own emotions when dealing with the facts of what deeply & personally afflicts our own mind.

If we would allow our self to sink, as I have many times before, the depths of the human condition is damning without God's help, and the conformist ideals of the crowd oftentimes will not encourage the reuptake of the Holy Bible and home group Bible study.

We must not rely on crowd-sourcing our decision-making, because they too are just as lost as we are; their solutions are not godly; they themselves are possessed by inherently impure & wicked self-righteousness.

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