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Complex matters - complex lives

By fenix-aarizon | From the Ashes | 17 Nov 2021

Here's something I took down very quickly; I wasn't too inclined to spend much time on it, because it's merely a passing thought with as much significance as one could gain by skimming over it.

The point of what I took note of here is that some of us are not meant to live the lives of the common experience. Some of us - God has made plans for and that if we can learn through our experiences, we may be able to bless other's lives.

By standing up for what we believe in, we are a beacon of hope for the weary ones - the name-callers, the doubters, the haters, the abusers (our abusers).

This is an ode to a Jack of all trades; it means we aren't supposed to live our entire lives from within the confines of one garage, of one lab, or of one office. We are supposed to get out and explore and meet all kinds of people.

We may have nomadic traits, but exist among diverse cultures, perhaps in large urban cities. Perhaps we're called to new cities. Perhaps we're called to be vulnerable around a greater number of people as compared to others.

The things I describe here are the very things that make life beautiful for people like us. Enjoy what you've found here - maybe reflect on it and ask yourself how you might fit in. Perhaps you can then list traits of people like you and figure out something of value from gleaning from your own path.

Living multiple cultures simultaneously.
Living many lives simultaneously.
Alive for many multitudes of reasons.
Many lessons to learn from many angles.

Not all are created for a singular purpose.
Some (few) are created to experience many different lives.
Some (few) are created to find purpose through many ventures.
Some (few) are created to realize their differences amonst the many, alone.
Some (few) are meant to live the lives of philosophers.

I am one of these few, I feel it now.
To be a part of many types of work.

Interesting lead on to other, more complex matters.

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From the Ashes
From the Ashes

Seek turmoil wisely; from within is death, from without is sin - but through Christ, seeking turmoil breeds life.

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