Jeremy Kauffman on Odysee, Censorship, and the SEC

By Faybomb | Heretic Speculator | 28 Apr 2021

LBRY's CEO and co-Founder Jeremy Kauffman joined The Trend is Your Friend and weighed in on Odysee, Google, disruption, key metrics for startups, and of course, LBRY's lawsuit against the SEC. First though, some of my thoughts on CryptoPunk DAOs, millennials opting out of management roles, and Peter Schiff's sponsor problems. Plus, after the interview, why future inflation could be staring at us from an unlikely source.

Jeremy's interview begins at the 9:40 point of the stream if you'd like to skip past my top 3 quick hits of the week. Of course, if you like the podcast, please subscribe via Odysee, Bittube, D.Tube, Spotify, or Apple podcasts. You can also join my website newsletter and get all new content sent right to your inbox each Tuesday morning. 

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Heretic Speculator
Heretic Speculator

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