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Data Monetization in a Web3 World with XYO Network

By Faybomb | Heretic Speculator | 7 Mar 2023

The ninth episode of the BCR podcast brings Markus Levin from XYO Network (XYO-USD). Markus is the co-founder of that protocol. It serves as an Oracle for Web3 platforms and allows users to monetize their data through a variety of different engagements with the XYO platform. XYO was started by XY Labs and there's actually a second token that represents equity in XY Labs. That token is XYLB and is registered "security token" that trades on the tZERO platform.

Listen to the episode here.

Topics we covered during the podcast include but are not limited to:

  • Markus' background and building the COIN platform to work with Web2 companies for data monetization

  • Using data Oracles to combat things like fake information

  • Getting Web2 companies exposed to crypto rails

  • User engagement of the COIN platform

  • The somewhat controversial decision to work with US regulators on a decentralized blockchain project

  • Data monetization in the 'metaverse'

  • Issues with the SEC's approach to regulation

  • How tokenization changes equity offerings in the future

  • End game for the XY Labs token

This was a fun discussion and I hope you guys enjoy it. Remember, you can get access to the full downloadable version of every BCR podcast episode by subscribing to my Seeking Alpha research service BlockChain Reaction.

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Heretic Speculator
Heretic Speculator

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