A Game where you can earn Crypto? (CryptoMiner)

A Game where you can earn Crypto? (CryptoMiner)

By JuIian | Faucets presented by JuIian | 12 Nov 2019

What is Crypto Idle Miner?

It is a normal Idle game like Idle Miner Tycone that all of us should know.

If you dont know it, the game is about earning Crypto and buy from the Crypto new miners.

1. Step 

Click on your miners and sell your Crypto (cant show because I did this step)

2. Step


Upgrade your miners with the Coins

3. Step 

Get xp for getting money to go up in Leauges

But what is special about it?

With this game you can earn every week some Hora but how?

The payout is very low at the beginning.(round about 100 Hora per week(0.6 Tron))

But if you go up the leauges the payout goes up.


like you see here in the Gold leauge the 3rd leauge out of 5

If you get in the Gold leauge you can rank down if you dont collect enought xp.

You get every week the payout and it if you collect less than your 50 other in your leaderbord

your payout will be low and you dont rank up but if you get low dont worry you can rank up next week.

How many Leauges are there?


there are 5







There are always events to special days like crismas ....

In this Events you can earn xp that are "Limited" because you get xp taht you cant normal get.

This xp will boost your rank incredebel sothat you can earn more HORA.

What tokens I earn?

You will get HORA that is a trc20 based token.It is instabel and 

createt by Faucethub.At the moment it is worth 0,00669670 TRX.

If you get your HORA sell them they are unstabel and will drop,because 

milions of them are given away.

How to instal the app?

Search in your store for CryptoMiner or follow the links

App Store (IOS):https://apps.apple.com/de/app/crypto-idle-miner/id1401210200

Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.horagames.cryptominer

Faucets presented by JuIian
Faucets presented by JuIian

Its about earning free crypto

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