Which one is the best? Publish0x vs Read.Cash?

Which one is the best? Publish0x vs Read.Cash?

Read.Cash is a platform where you can publish content  and earn Bitcoin Cash for doing it. If a reader likes your content, he can upvote your post by sending some amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) direct to you.

The Platform has a points system that distributes the earnings. 20 points are 6,5 cents, more or less. The earnings are distribute it every 24 hours, and you can withdraw it whenever you want, there is not a minimum withdraw. 

how you win points?:

Signing up for read.cash: +1 point

Visiting read.cash: +1 point (once per 24 hours, starts next day after signing up)

Publishing an article: + 20 points

Writing a comment ( 60 characters long): +4 points

Writing a forum post or a reply (60 characters long): +4 points

Your article gets a thumbs up: +0.2 points

Your article reaches 10 total thumbs up: +50 points

Your article reaches 40 total thumbs up: +160 points

Your article gets a comment: +0.5 points

Your article gets a paid upvote (> $0.05): +0.5 points

Your article gets 100 views: +20 points

Your article get 1000 views: +100 points


I'm not going to talk about what is and how works Publish0x, because you already know it. So I will go direct to the conclusion:

In my opinion, Read Cash is way better for the creator, you can win just for writing, you don't need to be famous or have a lots of views. Also, you can withdraw your earnings at any moment, because there is not minimum.

But, for the readers, Publish0x it's a very easy way to win cryptocurrencies, with minimum effort, and you can win for be a readers and a writer, at the same time, and that is cool.

To finish, there really isn't much point in using just one, when you can use both. I personally prefer Read Cash because I love the concept and how it works, but if your goal is to maximize your earnings, I recommend using both.

Read.Cash's link.

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faucets and cryptos
faucets and cryptos

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