Karma Farming and You

Karma Farming and You

By DonairFinance | FaucetGang | 21 Jun 2021

Reddit Karma can be very useful for a lot of things. It lets you post across different subreddits you otherwise wouldn’t be able to, and sometimes enables access to cool promotions and contests in various communities. It’s pretty easy to build karma but a lot of people still wonder about it, so here’s a quick guide with some pointers!


Kinds of Karma


Reddit Karma comes in two forms: post karma and comment karma. Comment karma is easier to get but both forms are quite valuable. Comment karma comes from the total amount of upvotes people give comments you make, while post karma is for threads you’ve created.




The best way to get more karma is to post naturally and organically; the Reddit community likes good content and quality posting, low effort spam will be recognized and penalized very quickly. There’s a ton of subreddits for any topic you could be into, personally I follow a lot of fashion and politics boards, and even if you’re not able to add a lot to the conversation, a little can go a long way.


Early Birds


Since there’s so many posts across the website being added constantly, posts generally have a limited lifespan of attention before they get buried. This has a clear advantage though. Remember back in the day when we’d all rush to comment “first” on anything and everything we could?

There’s a lot to be said for that strategy still. Don’t literally comment something as low effort as the word first, but try to find posts you think will be popular and comment on them early in their lifespan, this way a lot more people will see your comment and you have a much better chance of getting a lot of upvotes, sustaining the growth. Exploring the “rising” or “new” subreddits is a great way to find fresh content to engage with. Even something as simple as commenting about how you’re gonna start picking up a game again under a post about an update to a new popular videogame can net hundreds of karma in a few hours if you’re lucky.

Another thing about time; if you see a piece of breaking news, try to be the first one to post it. Chances are there’s tens of relevant communities for any headline you might find interesting, and if you can be the first to share it you’ll likely see a lot of karma growth as a result!


The Easy Route


Alright, alright. Those are some of the normal tips. But if you want to really farm karma and you don’t care at all about ethics or creativity being attached to the account you’re using, there’s a simple method to really crank up the vote printers. Just be aware this may get you banned.


Find a subreddit with 300-500k subscribers that penetrates the /r/all feed. A good example would be /r/ShittyLifeProTips or /r/AskReddit.


Now find an original post that hasn’t already been reposted to death. Criteria for the post are that it should be a few pages down from the top, more than six months old, and has at least 10k upvotes.


Now, download the image/text of the post, tweak the title a bit, and submit it again. It might not work the first time, you might have to experiment with where you’re posting and what times (I find mornings work best, around 6-8am EST). But if you don’t get banned and the posts don’t get immediately recognized as reposts, this method will get you pretty far.


Thanks for reading, remember, there are no good social networks!

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