Reddcoin (RDD) - Staking at its finest using AutoFaucets

Reddcoin (RDD) - Staking at its finest using AutoFaucets

By Newby81 | Faucet Strategies | 20 Mar 2021

Reddcoin has one of the highest staking percentages of the POS (Proof of Stake) coins. With a rate of around 16% APR, I'm all over it.

I currently stake my RDD on ExpressCrypto. It's fairly quick and easy, and the platform supports RDD and provides an exchange and low network fees for transfers.

The following faucet sites are the source of the RDD to be staked. Each of these faucets feature the CPX-Research survey offerwall, which I highly recommend, as the surveys and rewards are plentiful and the surveys relatively easy.

My top 3 faucets run on the same script. They are:

Completing surveys will provide days of autoclaims. There are no minimums or network fees to send to ExpressCrypto, and I withdraw and stake these coins daily (minimum of 10 RDD on EC) There is also no maximum number of stake initiations on EC to my knowledge.


My other 2 RDD workhorses are Dutchy faucets. I complete the CPX-Research surveys. Surveys count toward the level bonus and help increase your level very quickly. One of the features of these faucets is a 20% claim bonus on weekends. I stake all of my Dutchy coins on Final Autofaucet Monday through Thursday evening to obtain even more Dutchy coins, then start the autofaucet when the 20% bonus is active (depends on your time zone).  Express Faucet doesn't have the staking option, but also pays a 20% weekend claim bonus.

Final Autofaucet

Express Faucet


Faucetworld is another autofaucet featuring the CPX-Research surveys, along with a roll game to 30 credits and a telegram code for random credit rewards daily.

One other faucet  (not an autofaucet) I use to collect RDD is Forumcoin. There is a short link option to increase the size of the claim and offers 40 claims per day. 


Here is a screenshot of the ExpressCrypto staking page


Update 7/27/21- additional ExpressCrypto faucets from which to claim:





In summary, completing surveys will provide hours of RDD claims on these faucets, waiting until the weekend to claim RDD on the Dutchy sites for a 20% bonus, and stake them all on ExpressCrypto for a 20-22% return. Maybe with enough interest and demand for RDD we may also get a nice appreciation in value. 

Thanks for reading and happy claiming.

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Faucet Strategies

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