Faucet Claiming on Telegram - Surprisingly Simple

Faucet Claiming on Telegram - Surprisingly Simple

By Newby81 | Faucet Strategies | 5 Jun 2020

Hello fellow fauceteers. Here are a few simple, somewhat well-paying faucets hanging out on Telegram. I actually claim on my phone while watching the tele or waiting on the lovely wife to get ready for an outing. 

They must be related, as they will all run out of ads at the same time. Typically they get a new supply in just a few minutes. 

LTC Click Bot is my favorite as it has a low withdrawal minimum of 40k, which is easily achieved in 2-3 days of little effort. Average claim is 10 seconds with a 100-200 payout. I have received 2720 for a single claim. There is an occasional captcha, but not every claim.



Withdrawals are easy and payment usually received in about 20 minutes. Network fees are usually between 250 and 500 LTC depending on total amount, so it's not really too costly. 






I send LTC, DOGE, and BTC to Stakecube to earn interest and send BCH to Celsius to earn interest. Still looking for a place to park my ZEC, so suggestions are welcome. 

Thanks for reading and happy fauceteering!


Faucet Strategies
Faucet Strategies

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