ExpressCrypto - Leveling up strategy using faucets

ExpressCrypto - Leveling up strategy using faucets

By Newby81 | Faucet Strategies | 18 Aug 2021

ExpressCrypto offers a few benefits once you reach a certain level on the platform. If you stake ADA, KMD, RDD, TRX, or XTZ, a bonus percentage is added to the base staking amount. I'm currently at level 281, so my bonus is .281%. Every little bit helps. 


The fastest way I have found to level up is to use autofaucets. It's a fairly simple concept. You complete shortlinks or PTC to obtain claim "minutes". Select the coins you want to claim, and start the faucet. The faucet will deduct a certain number of minutes per coin per claim until all of the "minutes" are used. Typical payout is every 60 seconds, and the number of coins you can claim can be anywhere from 1 to 30+. I usually start my faucetting day by opening all of my autofaucets, completing 5-10 shortlinks for each faucet, then starting each as I obtain sufficient "minutes". Once I have 6-10 faucets running on auto, my ExpressCrypto level increases pretty quickly. Just a note, as your level gets higher, it takes more ECP to move to the next level. 

Here is a list of my favorite autofaucets:

Express Auto Faucet / DutchyCorp - wait until the weekend to claim and get a 20% bonus




MCM Faucets

Infinity Faucet


Multi Claim Auto




Here's a screenshot of my ExpressCrypto claim activity. 


Here is a partial list of claim numbers - note the "Count" column. 



IN the list above, you can see the staking rewards for XTZ, RDD, and TRX. Be sure to see my article on staking RDD - let your crypto work for you!


Thanks for stopping by and I hope this article helps you level up. Happy fauceteering!

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