One of the highest APY Yield Farming Projects on BSC.

By Xinthi | Farming IDO | 29 Apr 2021


When you saw that I titled this article ‘Highest APY (Average Percentage Yield) Yield Farming on BSC’, I know some of you rushed to DYOR. Indeed there might be projects with even higher APY, no doubt; but is it even possible to find out which ones, without researching every Defi project on CMC? So instead I will share this gem with everyone, who's been waiting for a moment just like this.

What is rolled out this 'wild wild webs' of blockchain, a little differently than most crypto projects, by not having private/public sale, instead with only 1-airdrop for the first 30K members and events like quizzes and meme contest which gave the community opportunities to earn and learn about the project. Project promotion started on 15.02.21 with an airdrop announcement…. This was the hottest airdrop during the month of February, growing their telegram community from 0 to 30K in just 4 days, and no, there was no referral program. Today they are a small community of 100K+ members :).

Now let's jump to the topic that I wanted to disclose to you.

Yield Farming

The wild farming party currently going on at will run for only 10 months, ending on January 26, 2022. The mechanism they adopted in order to mitigate the IL (Impermanent Loss) might not be new to those of you who have spent time in the yield farming sector, but to those who are new and searching daily for DeFI projects with the best APY opportunities, this project might just be the one!

This process includes well- known players in the field of farming, like Julswap, Bakeryswap and Pancakeswap, and a newcomer to the market as a staking platform,

The blow pictures are from 28.04.2021


The mechanism is simple; (SFUND) holders add liquidity in one or more of the 3 DEXs mentioned above, paired to BNB (BNB/SFUND) and the DEXs provide LP tokens, which represent your share of the liquidity pool. You then take your LP tokens and stake them in the SFUND farming pools at The whole idea is to reward the hodlers the maximum amount of SFUND tokens during this 10 month farming program. The rewards during these 10 months are as stated below:

First 3 months- 1.5 Million SFUND tokens each month.

Next 2 months - 1 Million SFUND tokens each month.

Next 5 months - 500k SFUND tokens each month.

What other benefits do you get?

There are other aspects that might convince you to become a $SFUND Hodler. will have their own launchpad for hosting IDOs (launchpad, Click here), and they will also have seed fund/incubator program for early projects. SFUND holders will be able to stake (SFUND) and receive tokens from all these new projects which will get seed funded and incubated by! Their Tokenomics & White Paper

Upcoming Events:

Ideathon for NFT-Gaming


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Farming IDO
Farming IDO

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