Farm Tokens How to Stake and Sell
FARM Token

Farm Tokens How to Stake and Sell


FARM is a tipping option on Publish0x

Selling Your FARM Tokens

You can sell your FARM  Tokens on Uniswap but be very careful of Uniswap fees 


To connect to Uniswap and Harvest Finance i use Metamask Browser wallet, Connect your wallet, deposit your assets, and you are ready to Stake and Earn more profits on Harvest FARM or sell on Uniswap

FARM Token Contract Address to add it to Metamask wallet or Uniswap 

Contract 0xa0246c9032bC3A600820415aE600c6388619A14D





FARM On Harvest Finance


Instead of selling, you can also put your FARM tokens to work on Harvest Finance. Harvest Finance farms the highest yield available from the  Decentralized Finance protocols, and one great thing is you can stake your FARM Tokens by themselves no other pair is needed.



FARM Tokens

With a Profit Return of about 0.47% Daily Profit, Staking on Harvest Finance is a great way to grow your FARM Token holdings 

I intend to Stake my Farm Tokens on Harvest Finance to accumulate more FARM tokens that I am currently earning on Publish0x. To me is a Win Win and then i always have the option of Selling some of my Profits from Harvest Finance well still growing my Holding of FARM Tokens 

I hope this helps guys and thank you for dropping by my Blog 

Metamask Wallet


Harvest Finance



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Farm Tokens How to Stake or Sell
Farm Tokens How to Stake or Sell

Farm Tokens How to Stake on Harvest Finance or Sell on Uniswap Exchange

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