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Officially, A Blockchain Gamer

By Morior_Inasnum | Fanatical Finance | 9 Feb 2021

Well today I can probably say that I am officially, a blockchain gamer. I possibly feel more excited about that than the facts warrant – but hey, little steps and all that. 


I believe now I can officially claim to be a blockchain gamer.  My journey into blockchain gaming began with delving into the world of Splinterlands – my first foray into blockchain gaming, I must admit, I was a little underwhelmed by it.  I come from a background of Magic: The Gathering, a game known for its complexity, and Splinterlands felt just a tad simplified – admittedly, maybe that’s just me.  Perhaps I came to the game too late, so it felt like a grind just to make the game feel worthwhile.  Whatever it was, I gave up in the end, determined to find other games that I could enjoy, whilst earning a little at the same time: the best of both worlds, play for the sheer enjoyment, and get paid to play. 


I tried my hand at a few other games over the same stretch of time, such as Rollercoin – again, this never really grabbed my attention.  I played for a bit, the enjoyment factor wasn’t there, and after reading @Khazrakh, on his  'Is It Worth Your Time? Rollercoin Revisited', I decided to give up on the game also, as he had already determined for me, that it was indeed, not worth my time – or anyone else’s for that matter... 


But the game that really grabbed my attention (thanks again go to @Khazrakh for pointing this out in another one of his great articles – 'Is It Worth Your Time? A Very Early Look at Alien Worlds') was, you guessed it, Alien Worlds. By now, many of you will have heard of Alien Worlds, and if you haven’t, you definitely should check it out, just check out the article above and see what you think.  I instantly fell in love with this game, with its simple premise and its ability to capture my attention from the start. It’s in its early stages (currently in beta) so there will be many more things to come – I'm happy to be an early adopter: something I have always hoped for when gaming. I always seem to miss the big news when it first hits – but hopefully not this time.  If you’re interested in the mechanics of the game, again @Khazrakh has a good read on it, so I won’t try to emulate that here – I may come back to Alien Worlds at some point, with an update on my progress.  


First step was to create a Wax account in order to play the game. Simple really, you can tag it to an email account, Gmail account, Facebook, Steam account – lots of options out there. 2 clicks and it was done. I think the Wax ecosystem has great potential as its built based on the EOS.IO blockchain, so has many of the same features, with a different fee structure.  So far, I have 9 Wax staking, which has allowed me to play a lot of different games on the Wax blockchain with no issues at all. 


With that done, I was ready to go – I got my avatar, my spade, and a random land was picked for me to start my mining career on a far-off planet. Once I started to build my store of TLM up, I needed somewhere to generate an income so I could invest back into the game – I couldn’t wait for a random NFT to drop to increase my mining speed, so I sold off my TLM on the alcor exchange, took my profit and bought some much-needed equipment on atomic hub (a little searching lead me to these sites so they are not too difficult to locate.)  With my new equipment, I continued to mine TLM, sold some to re-invest in equipment.  I then started to stake some of the TLM on the planet I was mining on – I believe in the future there will be rewards for those with a stake in the planet, and they will also be able to participate in the governance of that planet, but we’ll need to see what that looks like in the future.  For now, I have staked some TLM and sold off the rest – this profit has allowed me to stake WAX to continue gaming and has allowed me to invest in other games on the WAX blockchain.  Hopefully I’ll come back to these games at a later date once I have the time to explore them a bit further.  


So in the meantime, I’ll keep mining, staking, and selling off some TLM to accumulate some WAX. 


Anyway, thanks for indulging me once again while I jot my thoughts down – I'm still trying to make this a regular habit, so any and all advice is welcome. 


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