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By Falcon_Project | Falcon.Project | 11 Jun 2020

   …or history about Proof of Hold!

Hello, friends. We all dream of pushing the treasured button and receive dividends for it. It certainly sounds like something ideal and absolutely unattainable, because almost always making a profit in cryptocurrencies is connected with downloading a variety of heavy software, computing power and constant online. Even masternodes on third-party hosting services always fall off and require constant attention, and you can start a separate discussion about security problems. But! Now the Falcon Project has entered the scene with its brilliant voucher system with a dividend yield of 40% per year!

   So, what are you talking about?

So that you do not waste time reading unnecessary letters, I will briefly tell you what will be discussed further. Suppose you have an FNT amount that is a multiple of 1, 5, 10 or 50 million tokens, filed a quick application through the official swap form, then you received a beautiful voucher in return, for the storage of which you get 40% of the profit per year in FNT tokens to your address, while doing their daily activities. One condition is not to move the voucher for a while so that Proof of Hold can do its job. Well, interesting?

   Great. Please, sit down and we continue to talk about it in more detail.


   We are pleased to present to you our profitability vouchers, which embody the     unique vision of the Falcon Project called Proof of Hold!


   What are vouchers?

Our vouchers are erc-1155 assets, which are located on the Ethereum network and are implemented using Enjin technology. But for us, ordinary users, this is a blockchain card that not only pleases the eye with a beautiful picture, but also confirms the ownership of the equivalent amount of FNT tokens, allowing you to receive an additional 40% profit per year in the form of FNT tokens that are credited to your balance, just because you own a voucher. But do not confuse, this is not a company stock, this is a new type of FNT token mining specially initiated by the Falcon Project. Mining that does not require you anything other than storing a voucher, or in other words - Proof of Hold (PoH).
Those. in fact, it is an analogue of a certain security document on the blockchain that will not decay and will never be damaged if you yourself do not want to. A new era of trust and asset ownership!

   How it works?

Here is an example of a voucher for 1 million tokens in the display of the block explorer EnjinX


  Beautiful, isn’t it?

   Let's go through the text of the description of the voucher itself:

"This ERC-1155 asset indicates that its holder owns # million ERC-20 FNT tokens which are located on a deposit address. It enables its holder to receive quarterly dividends in ERC-20 FNT tokens within 10% of voucher amount." - In other words, this certificate is equivalent to the number of tokens that you send to the deposit address specified in the official exchange form, and this certificate not only guarantees your ownership of the specified amount, but also guarantees you dividend payments.

"FNT tokens are accrued to the Ethereum wallet of the owner where the voucher is deposited. The amount is sent in one payment, only upon 92 days of uninterrupted deposit of Voucher.
In case the voucher is moved before the amount is accrued the timer will reset and restart. When payment is sent , the timer restarts allowing the holder to receive next payment after 92 days upon receipt of previous amount."
 - Everything is also described in detail here. After you received a voucher for your Enjin wallet, do not transfer it until you receive it first payout.

  Will such a high return affect the value of the token?

The fact is that the number of FNT tokens that can be frozen in vouchers is limited to a total of 5 billion tokens. Thus, all issued vouchers with a full 100% demand, will be able to produce a rather small number of tokens in order to significantly affect the overall capitalization of the project.

But it also means that you will have to rush into the decision to purchase a voucher. Otherwise, all of them in vain can end and you have to purchase it at the EnjinX marketplace, where the cost of the asset is already set by its owner. Or it remains to wait for someone to decide to exchange their voucher back for a token.

  Sounds cool, how can I get a voucher?

First you need to have FNT tokens from the Falcon Project. It doesn’t matter where you got them, bought them on the stock exchange or received them by airdrop, the main thing is that you have them.
Next, you use the official exchange form on the official Falcon Project website, or use the official Telegram bot, depending on what is more convenient for you.


  Swap form on your mobile phone

Important! To store and receive a voucher, use only your Enjin wallet, or any other wallet that supports ERC-1155 assets. Wallet Link

In the exchange form, you must choose a voucher of the face value that you want to receive. Namely, in denominations of 1, 5, 10 or 50. If any voucher is not available for selection, this means that they were all in demand by other users.

After you have completed the form and completed the transaction to the address provided in the form, expect the receipt of your voucher.

   Is that all?

Yes, all. Congratulations, now you are also the owner of this miracle, which brings 10% every 92 days or 40% per year. And at any time, you can return your voucher by requesting your tokens back through the exchange form. But who will do it in their right mind, isn’t it?

But of course the Falcon Project is not only vouchers and the unheard-of convenience of Proof of Hold bets, it is also an entire ecosystem including its convenient exchanger, anonymous FNC coin with a unique parallel liquidity feature with an FNT token, and even collectible game assets!

  …but we will talk about this next time. And now, I need to switch a little and bring      the world a little good. Be healthy and watch out for scammers!



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Crypto project that consists of two completely interchangeable blockchains.


Crypto project that consists of two completely interchangeable blockchains.

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