Falcon Project; Starting Report #1

By Falcon_Project | Falcon.Project | 22 Jun 2020

According to the good old tradition, in the introduction of such documents, it is customary to thank their followers for this wonderful trip that they embark on with a young young project. And you know, we, too, will not be an exception. We are really very grateful that you are with us and we see your daily strong support! Not a single beginner project has such a strong community! I have experience in such things, and I can declare it competently. Well done Falconers!

A short overview on the composition of the report:

- details of one of the most interesting airdrops on the blockchain for holders of the STAGE collection;
- opening a swap form for exchanging FNT tokens for vouchers, in which about 70% of the initial issue of FNT tokens can be blocked;
- white paper v.1.0, so white and so paper;
- An updated site and a mysterious button "Services";
- The first exchange listing on the top 30 exchange with a crystal reputation.

Hey! Do not run straight to the end of the post for listing news. Read the text in a row, there is a lot of important and interesting information. And in the end, we tried when we wrote this text =)

Airdrop Falcon Project solemnly completed!


Well, the moment has come for the first triumph for STAGE cardholders. Everyone who owned at least one such card based on ERC-1155 received a distribution in the form of FNT tokens to their wallet.

Details about the conditions and rules of the past airdrop can be found in this article.

During this "airborne landing", 7,563,750,000 FNT tokens were distributed, which at the moment is the total circulation of Falcon project tokens or 7.564% of the maximum possible emission.

The remaining amount on the airdrop wallet is 7,436,250,000 FNT tokens. These funds will be used in further contests and giveaways throughout the life of the project. And, attention, * drum roll * we are discussing the possibility of burning extra tokens from this fund! Yes Yes. Everyone loves fire and destruction, especially in cryptocurrencies.

So here. In plain language. At first, there will be a little more than seven billion tokens available. You can focus on this amount when calculating the total circulating capitalization of the project.

During the airdrop, there were no emergency situations, apart from the congestion of the Ethereum network, which did not affect the course of our distribution. Nothing was lost, did not disappear and did not go to unknown addresses.

What to do when you already have tokens and want to profit from them as quickly as possible?

Well. The answer is simple. Vouchers


Profit vouchers from the Falcon Project. Available now!

You ask me what are Falcon Project Vouchers? And I will answer that Vouchers are not only a beautiful picture in your wallet, Vouchers are an analog of your ERC-20 FNT tokens, but already on the side chain of ERC-1155. Using Proof of Hold technology, holders of these vouchers receive the right to dividend payments every 92 days in the amount of 10% of the voucher deposit. This standard also supports the graphical environment and allows you to feel your voucher as something physically real.

The maximum possible issue of vouchers of increased profit is limited to 5,000,000,000 tokens, which is 2/3 of the current circulation supply of the token.

You can now exchange your tokens for vouchers and start the "hold" counter using our telegram bot!

At the time of this writing, more than a billion tokens are blocked in vouchers of high yield (to be precise - 1,378,000,000 FNT tokens).
Available vouchers: for 1, 5, 10 and 50 million FNT.
The Proof of Hold system, without failures and rest, accurate to the second, counts the storage of vouchers and the first payments will be made in 90 days.
You can read more about the voucher reward system > here <

White Paper Falcon Project v.1.0


The first edition of our official document was published, which outlines the main postulates and the direction of movement of our project.

You can pay particular attention to the modified roadmap, which directly hints at which ecosystem we want to build. This is not easy, energy and resource-consuming, but quite feasible with a certain amount of aspiration. And as you know, the Falcon Project team is no less swift than its name. So - we will do it! Many processes are already launched and are waiting for their moment.

Read and study - White Paper Falcon Project v.1.0

Updating our Falconofficial.com site


Well, everything is simple and clear. The site has become faster, more attractive and adapted. Come in from absolutely any device or browser and enjoy the updated Falconofficial.com!

You can also notice the appearance of the "Services" button on the site menu. This is a reference to the long-term goals of our new roadmap. And this button will open the way for future integrations and services that you can use in the near future. A trifle, but nice.

Well, now we can go to the cherry on the cake.

Our first listing!


We approached this issue as responsibly and deeply as possible. We will say right away that in this article you will not see information about the name of the exchange that we have chosen, but this does not prevent us from telling how good it is.

The first exchange, like the first car. You will love or scold him, but for the rest of your life you will leave in your soul a piece of those youthful memories and emotions.

But in our case, we decided to do wiser. After all, a exchange is not a formality for a tick, on the contrary, the first exchange is very important, just as other exchange for FNT. Each new user will make up his mind about us, focusing on that first (so far) only exchange on which he will be able to trade with the FNT token.
The first exchange sets a further vector for the development of the project and takes some bar on which the project should focus in the future. That is why it is important!

Therefore, we responsibly declare that the first exchange will be worthy, white and safe. And yes. Let it be the top 30 according to CoinGecko with a confidence level of 8/10, with all the necessary registrations and KYC, but with excellent working technical support for users and a crystal clear reputation. We are sure you will appreciate our choice.

Oh well. Now the main question is spinning in your head: "When listing, sir?" I answer: "Soon."

As always, follow our announcements on Twitter and the official telegram channel, so as not to lose sight of and always be at the forefront of the project news! After all, the most valuable resource in our time is information!

That was our first start-up report. Good or not, you decide.
But as always, I was incredibly pleased to chat with you! See you soon!

P.S. If you still want to continue this conversation and try to find out more details, then we are waiting for you in our official telegram chat to talk about everything related to the Falcon Project.


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Crypto project that consists of two completely interchangeable blockchains.


Crypto project that consists of two completely interchangeable blockchains.

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