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By Falcon_Project | Falcon.Project | 11 Jun 2020

Ultimate privacy and reality.

When I hear yet another statement about a revolutionary anonymous blockchain, I frantically try to understand what is new about these projects?
A bunch of text, technology and all kinds of complications. These guys, of course, are brilliant and deserve praise but all this is shattered when a coin begins to search for its value and liquidity in the market.
Slogans are good in parades, but when a peaceful demonstration develops into a riot of the crowd, then this does not seem like such a good idea. Yeah? The same thing happens with adherents of anonymous coins that follow the path of youthful maximalism.

Disclaimer: This article can cause a storm of emotions in you or, conversely, put you to sleep. If suddenly something goes wrong, remember that I warned you.


"There is no greater error than thinking that you are absolutely right. Therefore, I will simply leave food here for your own thoughts."

Who are you? A drug dealer or a gangster? No, I don’t think so. It is more likely you are a simple guy or girl who is looking for an opportunity to make money in this convulsive world. You don’t have time to play ninja, or you just don’t feel like doing it. The world has defeated you and ordinary everyday problems are coming to the fore more and more. All you need to do is occasionally pamper yourself, just a little bit, so that your friend or neighbor doesn’t know about it.
Why do you need to keep a library of porn when you can go over a secure connection and see everything that your soul desires? There is no need to worry about storage or that someone will someday find something forbidden in your room, although you yourself may have already forgotten when you last used it. Following along? It is precisely this dangerous cargo that is invariable anonymous blockchains traded in any form. You do not need them constantly. Moreover, they are dangerous for you if you are unsure of what this might lead to.

The future is in hybrid systems. For blockchains in which you are not branded as an anarchist or a terrorist. The future is with blockchains with liquidity and prevalence!

Tell me how to create liquidity for an anonymous blockchain, which imagines itself to be a means of receiving payments and mutual settlements in the age of regulation and police states?
To hide in all kinds of Decentralized Exchanges and say that they are the future and soon all people will use these sites? I personally would not.
Life passes right here and now, and sometimes it does not care about your ideological errors and dreams. There is such a wonderful proverb: "War is war, but lunch is scheduled."

Glory to the creator that you are a man or woman of wide views and have read the article to this place, which means that now I have to give you something in return. In return, I will give you some information about my vision and the vision of the Falcon Project and how we solve the problems of cardinality and unconditionalness in the privacy environment of blockchains.

The first rule in our philosophy:
“Can't defeat the enemy? Become his friend"
Second rule of the Falcon Project:
- There is no need to complicate and reinvent the wheel.
It follows from this that all basic "life" operations should not be necessarily private and you should not burden yourself with unnecessary information and the study of new terms, with the installation of new unfamiliar software.

ERC-20. Old as the world.

But not only old, but also reliable and efficient.
Remind me of Ethereum network breakdowns? “Hm. And I also can’t remember.”
Is it fast? “Oh yes, sir, fast enough, if not greedy with the commission.”
Is it common? - Absolutely! You can choose any convenient wallet according to your preferences and use it to store your token. And no exchange will say anything against your ERC-20 asset.
Everything is good, comfortable and beautiful. You are completely in the legal field, without causing any questions to yourself. You can even be a law-abiding citizen: receive dividends from Falcon vouchers and pay income taxes.
In general, be yourself using FNT, which is just the ERC-20 token and basis of the Falcon Project system.

Well, here comes the moment when, after washing the dishes and putting the children to bed, you still decided to use your right to privacy. You closed the curtains tightly, opened your favorite site, where they accept with pleasure: already anonymous coin FNC, twin brother FNT.
I do not want to know what you are doing there, but as is customary to say that it is your personal right that you can exercise. Why not?!

Remember one thing! No matter what happens and wherever you are, one FNC coin costs exactly the same as one FNT token.

Who knows, maybe it’s not interesting for you at all and you will never use it, but you must admit, it's nice to know that you still have such an option. Like number your former girlfriend, whose contact you just in case store on phone. The sensations must be about the same.

And, as you now know, in the Falcon Project you have such an opportunity. You can be yourself and not go to extremes. Due to its flexibility and direct exchange rate, this asset can have excellent liquidity. Such liquidity that any baker or service will be ready to accept it as payment, because we all crave ease of handling, profit for idleness, lack of problems and an optional right to privacy.
Wait a minute. I think I again described the basic principles of the Falcon Project? Well, that's the way it is. This is the future.

And who knows, you may not agree with me. This is normal. But I was damn pleased to chat with you all the same.

After these words I take my leave. See you soon!

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Crypto project that consists of two completely interchangeable blockchains.


Crypto project that consists of two completely interchangeable blockchains.

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