Why Tron is a buy opportunity at current valuations! Metal Pay partnership! Market Analysis!
Why Tron is a buy opportunity at current valuations! Metal Pay partnership! Market Analysis!

By Writerblock | FairMoney | 29 Mar 2020

What is TRON?

TRON is a blockchain-based operating system and dapp (decentralized application) platform founded by a Singapore-based non-profit, the TRON-Foundation. Founded by Justin Sun, its open-source decentralized platform allows creators of digital content to bypass the middlemen such as Apple Store and Google Play Store and puts data back into the creator's hands.

TRON's MainNet Token is TRX, based on the TRON Protocol issued by TRON Foundation, and it serves as the basic unit of account on the TRON Blockchain. It furthermore serves as the medium currency for all TRON-based tokens and connects the entire TRON ecosystem.

TRON's MainNet was launched on June 25, 2018, by migrating the ERC20-based TRX tokens to TRON's MainNet. The ERC20-based TRX tokens were burnt. The network has more than 4.6 million accounts and close to 1,000 nodes.


Figure: TRON Node Map.

TRON lost all 2020 gains but holds its line.

TRON started 2020 valued 0.00000184 BTC and reached an astonishing 0.00000260 BTC before it fell sharply amid the Corona cash-is-king market sell-off. It lost all gains of the year and fell back to a low of 0.00000183 BTC where it still holds.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, TRON Foundation decided to postpone the deadline for the Sun Network Developer Challenger.

Despite setbacks, there was positive news with the announcement that Samsung Galaxy S2 will support Bitcoin, Ethereum and TRON. For TRON, the partnerhsip with Samsung, one of the world's largest tech companies, means more visibility and higher adoption of its native token. If Samsung's blockchain strategy turns out to be a success, others like Apple, Huawei, OnePlus and Xiaomi will be challenged to do the same.

On February 6, 2020, TRON founder Justin Sun and billionaire investor Warren Buffett finally had their dinner, assuming both people's good health it wasn't rat poison, referring to Warren's earlier statements declaring cryptocurrencies rat poison.

TRON announces partnership with cryptocurrency service provider Metal Pay.

The highly anticipated agreement creates a for TRON beneficial bridge allowing users on the Metal Pay (MTL) mobile application to purchase TRX-tokens with fiat currency. This news excites both Tron and Metal Pay investors as it opens up both tokens' accessibility to a much larger group of investors.

The Metal Pay mobile app allows users to pay instantly using their cash balance, linked bank account, or by sending cryptocurrency. The partnership is more beneficial to Metal Pay than TRON, but Tron can be proud to be included in Metal Pay's Marketplace, where you can buy and sell 24 cryptocurrencies.

People who hold Tron can earn 5% cashback in MTL-tokens.


Buy TRON in a stronger, safer and regulated marketplace.

Users of the Metal Pay Marketplace need to apply through an identity verification process, allowing for KYC and AML compliance. Users also need a bank account that is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and once their identity verification is verified they can buy up to

  • $3,000 per day;
  • $12,000 each month;
  • or $40,000 a year,

worth of cryptocurrencies.

By using regulated services, investors, consumers, and vendors can escape the murky waters of weakly regulated markets and rely on the improved security measures offered by regulators and lawmakers.

Important links.

TRON Website: https://tron.network/

Metal Pay Website: https://www.metalpay.com/


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