Fathoming Financial Fairytales: a 90 Day Report Featuring Faucets

Fathoming Financial Fairytales: a 90 Day Report Featuring Faucets

By Sheriff of Nottingham | Faded Muse | 23 Aug 2021

In an attempt to better understand faucets I tried several sites for three months to determine which were worthwhile, then came to Publish0x to report back. If you like me dream of stacking sats, faucets may be a fun way to idle away some time. I'm no whale, so every little bit helps. Below I have written some impressions, payout amounts, and links to join yourself. 

I take the train five days a week for school using public transit. I recommend faucets if you have time to kill like me however I would caution that if you have a busy schedule faucets may not be for you. They can take up large amounts of time with very little reward. Compare these faucet pay outs to minimum wage and you're better off working more hours at your job.

PipeFlare - https://pipeflare.io/home

90 Day Earnings ~ $2.75

Referral Link - https://pipeflare.io/r/ajvp

PipeFlare offers once daily faucets for DOGE, ZEC, and their native currency FLR.

I'm not a huge DOGE fan, but having a little for free from a faucet is great. ZEC has been riding the recent upwards momentum with the rest of the crypto market, so that's nice. FLR is not yet trade-able but PipeFlare claims it will be added to a blockchain in the future.

The payouts on this site are pretty small, but you can level up several different ways including linking social media accounts and daily login streaks.

One things that set PipeFlare apart are the games. As with the recent trend of play to earn games this site offers some idle time fun which can earn you a little extra. I think the breakout like brick game is fun but don't play enough to make the leaderboard. 

The earnings from PipeFlare add up to a smaller dollar amount since the FLR is not yet trade-able. It can be considered an investment in the site itself that may pay off one day but that's about it for now. If the payout was 100% ZEC instead of split into thirds with the others It would be more attractive, but it is a fun and easy site to use. 

Faucet Crypto - https://faucetcrypto.com/

90 Day Earnings ~ $11.50 / 80 RVN

Referral - https://faucetcrypto.com/ref/1173687

Possibly my favorite from the list. The claim timer is every 25 minutes so it can be annoying to stay on top of, but I've found the rewards here added up faster that the other faucets for me. Rewards can be boosted with your experience level like a RPG style game. Faucet Crypto has a nearly endless offer wall of surveys, games and other tasks. 

I boosted my earnings on Faucet Crypto significantly by taking surveys with CPX Research. I found the surveys to be an easy way to idle away time but the 90 day earnings will not be as significant with the faucet claim alone.

The best thing about Faucet Crypto is the many different coins available for withdrawals. While BTC and ETH require Faucet Pay (not available in the US, LAME!) you may make on chain withdrawals with BCH, BSV, ETC, DASH, LTC, RVN, ZEC and more. 

When starting out the withdrawal limit is capped at a low number, but by the time you save up some coins you should be leveled up enough to make bigger withdrawals. More experience means more coins means bigger payouts. As an RPG gamer I enjoy this setup. 

Cointiply - cointiply.com/home

90 Day Earnings - $4.65 / 0.00009408 BTC

Referral - http://cointiply.com/r/J8L1V

Cointiply is often recommended here on Publish0x. The payout timer is every one hour and there are many different ways to earn including surveys, games, paid to click ads and more. I found it to be slow going at first but with the streak bonus given from consecutive daily logins it does start to add up.

Once you get the ball rolling Cointiply pays 5% annual interest on your Coin balances over 35,000 Coins which is fantastic. There are definitely better interest rates available on custodial exchanges but I thought this was a great feature to include right in the faucet site!

HORIZEN Faucet - https://getzen.cash/

90 Day Earnings - $1.32 / .0178 ZEN

Referral - https://getzen.cash/auth/register?ref=465362

The Horizon faucet doesn't boast any bells and whistles like games or surveys, it is just a straightforward once daily faucet. 

You can boost earnings by linking social media accounts and with consecutive daily logins. The payout has been small for me but I'm keeping this faucet around because it is not too time demanding and Horizon has a solid high price as far as altcoins from faucets go. I'm hoping to grow my earnings over time with referrals and hopefully the price of ZEN will go up to accompany my patience. 

Total - $20.22 

Hey twenty bucks that's not bad! Sure my time is more valuable than that, but for time spent stuck in a commute anyway that's a little extra cherry on top of my crypto portfolio.

Lastly two faucets I did NOT find worthwhile:


Fire Faucet

Sorry you two but the payouts were so small it would have taken more than the 90 days just to make my first withdrawal. 

If you're too much of a wealthy hot shot for faucets well then power to ya. If you're a small fry like me and want to boost your wallet by a tiny bit I hope this article helped and have fun out there. 

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